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Acer  Network Attached Storage systems can be configured in a range of RAID levels such as RAID-5 or RAID-0. The Acer products are a local data storage hub solution suitable for home and business use.

We understand that data loss can be a stressful time and potentially devastating to a business or individual.

Datlabs dedicated techs deliver excellent repair and recovery rates from Acer EasyStore NAS.and also offer a range of service level agreements to meet your data recovery needs. You can find more information regarding data recovery from failed RAID servers here.

Most of the Acer Easystore systems are used by home users and small to medium enterprises as they offer a simple way of storing all of your data in a central location which can be accessed from any computer on a network.

Home users mainly use this to store family photographs and movies so that they can be viewed on the TV or on multiple viewing devices.

ACER NAS Problems.

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Acer NAS Volume Corruption

Your system may be suffering from volume corruption if you receive messages such as “this device needs to be formatted” or “this volume needs to be initialised before use”. If you encounter messages such as these, do not proceed with formatting or initialising the volume as this can lead to permanent data loss or a much more complex recovery process. The best course of action would be to power down the device in the correct manner (as per the manufacturers instructions) and send it to Datlabs where an expert in ACER data recovery will attend to the recovery of your data without risk or possible compromise.

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