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Evidence stored on Computers, CCTV, Mobile Phones, electronic devices and systems recovered using forensic procedures, Data involved in legal proceedings such as criminal acts, civil dispute, fraud, financial mal-practice, insolvency, insurance claims and loss adjustment, industrial injury, professional standards. All matters requiring thorough investigation and where a tenable representation is desired. If you require assistance or further information regarding Datlabs Digital Forensic services then please call our computer forensics department directly on the number shown below, use our interactive chat or send us a call back request using the form on this page.

Computer Evidence.

Data recovery work leading to a possible submission of evidence, at court or to be cited in legal proceedings,  must conform to a strict code of practice.  It is vitally important that all items of evidence and work records, used or unused,  during a digital forensic investigation relevant or otherwise to the outcome of a case are securely recorded and retained. This code of practice is detailed by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS ) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).  It is essential that all engagements with a known forensic imperative must be undertaken under separate terms and conditions. This is to establish issues of confidentiality, liability and to protect the interests of all parties involved.  Digital Forensic Data Recovery and Computer Investigations work cannot be undertaken under our standard commercial data recovery procedures and terms and conditions.

Datlabs forensic services are provided under separate contractual cover  in association with Computer Science Labs, a separate operational division within the same group of companies. If you need assistance concerning evidence from computers, computer networks, mobile phones, CCTV systems etc., involved in dispute, fraud, matrimonial, insurance or criminal matters then contact our forensic services department.

Computer Forensic Services.

In addition to our digital evidence recovery and investigation services we also provide solutions to clients with complex technical difficulties in retrieving data from badly damaged storage media, systems and equipment. Typically fire, water or electrically damaged equipment such as CCTV recording equipment, laptops, RAID Server Systems, Network Attached Storage systems, mobile phones etc. Malicious damage to both software and hardware also contribute to a major part of the workload. If you need data recovered from damaged equipment then call Datlabs for assistance.

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