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London – Data Recovery

Data recovery London – our London Office provides data recovery services from any faulty hard disk drive or RAID system. We recover files, folders and pics from failed hard drives having Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems installed. We diagnose, repair and rescue data from all defective hard drive models and manufacturer types i.e. Seagate hard drives, Western Digital(WD) hard drives, Toshiba hard drives, Samsung hard drives, SSD’s and flash memory. Datlabs also provides a professional mobile phone repair and recovery service.

Emergency Data Recovery Service.

Datlabs provide an emergency data recovery service . Our rapid response emergency data recovery team are available on-call 24 x 7 to deal with failed hard drives, RAID configured servers and network attached storage systems (NAS). We regularly deal with professional photographers, film and record producers whose data is irreplaceable or mission critical. Our dedicated team of data recovery technicians are specialists in recovering data from failed media and business servers.

Datlabs Chiswick Data Recovery Office.

Our Datlabs Chiswick Office serves South West London business and home users. You can call-in with your faulty hard disk drive, external hard disk drive, NAS System, Mobile Phone or Tablet. Alternatively we courier collect from home or business within the Greater London Area. Once we have received your faulty equipment we provide a next day full diagnosis service with cost and timescale options.

Hard Drive Data Recovery.

We recover files, folders and pics from ALL failed hard drive products running Windows, Mac O/S and Linux. Our Data Recovery workshops can recover data from your damaged, corrupt, clicking hard disk drive, buzzing hard drive or simply dead hard drive. Datlabs partner with major hard drive manufacturers Seagate and Western Digital to ensure we have up to the minute hard drive data recovery solutions and maintain hard drive repair and recovery success rates that are the envy of the industry.

We recover data from all solid state integral storage technology and computer solid state drives (SSD’s) found in many notebooks, ipads, and laptop computers.

External Hard Drive Repair and Recovery.

Each year Datlabs repair and recover data from many hundreds of faulty external hard drives of all makes and models. The physical size and use of these devices renders them vulnerable to knocks,drops, liquid damage, electrical and mechanical failure. The most common symptom is that the devices are not recognized by the host computer and are making a buzzing or clicking sound.  At Datlabs data recovery service centre our technicians will immediately diagnose the exact nature of the problem. Following on they will then replace faulty components, reprogram the drive, extract and test the data and copy this to a new and reliable compatible portable drive type ready to be returned to your home or business address.

NAS Repair and Recovery.

Datlabs has addressed the burgeoning need to rebuild and recover small business storage and home hub NAS systems;-

Netgear, Buffalo, Synology Diskstation, ASUSTOR, QNAP,  HP, Lacie, WD My Cloud, WD Sentinel, Seagate NAS, Thecus, G RAID we have seen them all before and successfully recovered data from a multitude of failure situations.

RAID Server Rebuild and Recovery.

We are industry leading  experts  in rebuilding and recovering data from  failed RAID configured systems. Our dedicated RAID recovery team specializes in rebuilding failed RAID 5, failed RAID 6, RAID  0, RAID 1 and RAID 1 0. If you are a Business or Home User with a crashed or corrupt RAID, Server or NAS system then we have competitively priced service options to suite your needs.

Mobile Phone Repair and Data Recovery.

Our main labs and electronic workshops are fully equipped to deal with the latest solid state mobile phone technology.   Our labs recover data, files, folders, pics, contacts , audio and video recordings from faulty mobile phones and tablets. Data recovered from iPhones,  Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, HTC mobile phones. Cracked screens, water damaged, contaminated, electrically faulty, bricked, failed mobile phone OS updates, all makes, models and chipsets,

CCTV data recovery service.

Datlabs technicians recover recordings from CCTV security systems and camera installations typically for use as evidence in matters of crime or to substantiate insurance claims and the like. Click here for more information relating to CCTV data recovery.

Datlabs Data Recovery Service Help Desk.

Datlabs can be contacted via our:-

  • Advertised local rate telephone numbers
  • Secure online chat facility.
  • Call Back Request.

Datlabs Data Recovery Services are available 0800 through till 1800 on week days and  OOH on call  most evenings and week ends for emergency situations.

Data Recovery Service.

Datlabs  data recovery technicians have a wealth of experience involving data loss situations and will be able to advise on your particular problem and if possible how to resolve it. Given the information you have provided they will then offer you a quotation either verbally or by email. They will also draw your attention to our standard terms and conditions of service and offer a mutual confidentiality agreement to cover situations involving  specific commercial sensitivities.

Free Courier Collection.

In most cases we are able to provide a free UK courier collect service. (there are exemptions so please clarify).  Your courier service will be arranged  from your home or office location and you will be advised of a job tracking number and also address and contact details

You can also drop your equipment off at either of our London Office locations but please pack your equipment robustly against damage in shipping.

Please note that Datlabs bears no liability for loss of equipment or data and that all equipment and storage equipment we receive is effectively faulty or  damaged so if your equipment and data has a perceived value than please consider insuring your goods and stored data against loss.

Data Recovery Labs and Workshops.

We operate best in class clean air facilities and anti-static ESD compliant workshops that are  fully equipped with leading edge data recovery tools and test gear used by trained and qualified staff that  maintain data recovery success rates second to non. We have recently upgraded our lab facility to recover files, folders, pics, contacts and recordings from damaged and contaminated mobile phones and tablets. All makes, models and chipsets.

Digital Forensics Ivestigations, Evidence Discovery.

Datlabs has a Digital Forensic Investigations (computer forensics)  department who  deal with data recovery in a forensic  environment,  compliant with processes that allow the data recovered to be submitted as evidence in a court of law. Crime caught on CCTV, Mobile Phone, Computer Misuse, Fraud, Dispute and all civil and criminal matters.

Datlabs Customers.

Datlabs is the preferred supplier of many blue chip companies and the Datlabs Client base is exceptional. We serve business and home users in Bromley, Croyden, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Harrow, Hounslow, Lewisham, Richmond and Westminster. If you are a Business or Home User in the London Area with a crashed or corrupt mobile phone tablet, notebook, external, hard drive, RAID, Server or NAS system then we have competitively priced service options to suite your needs. You can drop off at one of  local offices or we will be pleased to arrange our free collect service.

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Datlabs London Offices.

Datlabs Lombard Street Entrance

Datlabs Lombard St Office

London RAID Recovery Service

All modern day businesses need responsive and scale-able computer systems to serve their operations. In the City of London and in the Greater London area the majority of businesses deploy RAID configured systems in their operations. The usual equipment layout is to have a RAID 5 configured server system at the front end of the business handling such things as Sales, EPOS, accounting, Internet and customer services and a secure back-end data storage solution for back-up and data streaming etc., that uses disk mirroring such as RAID 0 1. With regular maintenance this is the optimum and most reliable way of managing a business’s digital day to day affairs. However, if a RAID array crashes with a single or multiple disk failure then a business’s operations can become disabled or data can be corrupt and usable.

Restoring your failed RAID System.

Getting your business back on its feet and operating effectively following a RAID server failure is a high priority. Restoring a failed RAID system to a working state, whilst maintaining data integrity is a complex business involving many stages of rebuild and restoration work. It is also needs to be undertaken with a high degree of care and attention to detail by experienced professionals proficient in bringing about successful outcomes. Datlabs  RAID technicians  are the industry leading professionals in restoring data from failed  multi disk drive RAID configured server systems.

RAID SystemsRAID Config Types
Power Edge
IBM Xseries
IBM Power Series (AIX, Linux)
NAS /SAN Systems
Fibre Channel
RAID 0 1

Datlabs Lombard Street.

The location of the Datlabs Lombard Street Office was originally a plot of land granted to goldsmiths who hailed from Lombardy in Northern Italy hence its name. Lombard Street was the original site of LLoyds Coffee House and has also been traditionally the home of money lenders, although Datlabs does not offer extended credit it still welcomes its customers at this convenient location in the centre of London. From 1678 to 1829, the GPO had its HQ on Lombard Street and this is commemorated in the name “Post Office Court”. Datlabs will courier collect and deliver your hard drives and other data storage equipment throughout London Area and the South East of England.

London NAS Failure.

The BBC London are a much valued and long standing client of Datlabs Data Recovery and Digital Forensic Services.

“Here at the BBC London I was very pleased that Datlabs rescued two failed NAS RAID hard drives.  They were full of vital archive media files, that we thought we had lost forever.  Datlabs RAID recovery service was quick and their technical advice was detailed but at a level we could understand. We hope not to have to use them again, but definitely would!”

Sam Bailey