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Technical Information Page.

Technical Information Page

Datlabs  Recovery Services.

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Datlabs is a long established brand,  familiar to many in the UK as a trusted and professional provider of fixed priced, no nonsense Data Recovery Services. Over the past 5 years we have collaborated with the University of Manchester and the UK Government in order to develop and deliver industry leading data recovery solutions in the field of non volatile magnetic storage.

With recent advances in solid state technology, magnetic media,  hybrid products  and encryption we now partner  with industry leading private sector players, in order to grow and sustain our position as THE data recovery and discovery professional solutions provider of choice.

Datlabs and Seagate.

Datlabs and Seagate Technology provide Services and Solutions that are “Second to None”.  We  aspire and maintain Excellence in Customer Services, Data Recovery Solutions,  Technical Support, Business Systems and crucially Datlabs in the field of Digital Forensics.

Datlabs provides solutions across all manufacturer products and serves all market sectors, individuals, businesses, public and private sector organisations.

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Benefits to Customers :-

  • Advanced Service Solutions.

    Manufacturer Class Solutions

  • A One-Stop Shop

    One-Stop shop for all our customers’ requirements.

  • Distribution and Warranty channels

    Warranty Integrity Maintained.

  • Managed solutions

    Global Leader Technology Solutions

  • Extended service portfolio

    Extended Service Portfolio

  • Quality Standards

    Highest Quality Data Recovery Service Standards.