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Data Recovery and repair from All makes and manufacture of failed, faulty, damaged, crashed, inaccessible and clicking Desktop Hard Disk Drives. With Datlabs professional services and leading edge facilities you get the best possible opportunity to recover your lost data.

Hard Drive failures occur as a result of component damage i.e. control electronics, motor, disk platters or read/write heads. In most cases the damage is due to misuse or extended use of the device beyond its design life.

Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Desktop computers are generally robust in their construction and design. Long term utilisation contributes to wear and tear and consequential failure.

At DatLabs we have a wealth of experience in retrieving lost data and are industry leaders in recovering data from desk top computer heard drives. If you are worried you may have lost data due to a damaged or crashed desktop then get in touch today for an affordable quote for repair or recovery of your desk top hard drive.

Desktop Hard Disk Drive Faults

Desktop hard disk drives are manufactured in a 3.5 inch form factor by either Seagate or Western Digital. They contain one or a number of platters having magnetic properties suitable for non-volatile data storage. Modern platters have high area storage densities typically accommodating platter capacities of; 500 GByte , 1TByte, 2 TByte and above. Pre-formatted tracks or cylinders are laid down in the manufacture process and these accommodate digital data in a changeable environment. Read/write heads are attached to an actuator store and these read and write data on the surface of the platters under the control of the hard drive microprocessor and operating system.

Desktop computer data recovery

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