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External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Datlabs rescue data from ALL failed, faulty, clicking and damaged  External Hard Drives. Our  External Hard Drive Data Recovery Service is available throughout the UK . We have Offices and drop off locations in most major cities and for your convenience we provide a free courier collect in normal working hours from your home or place of work. Datlabs technicians are proficient in all operating systems and file system types i. e. Windows, Mac and Linux etc., We offer budget and emergency service options designed to meet most client needs and we are successful in recovering data from All makes and models of faulty and damaged external hard disk drives , Seagate, Lacie, Freecom, Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, Apple and all OEM’s.

External Hard Drive Failure

External hard disk drives are a convenient solution to bulk data storage or archiving. They are used for home, business and work and a mixture of all three. Storing data on an external hard drive can help you manage your affairs more efficiently and keep your music, photos and important documents all in one place. Having an external hard disk drive therefore makes your documents, files, folders, pics and movies etc., easily transportable and available to other computers. Current products are light and small and available in capacity ranges of one terabyte and above,  so they store a lot of information. This transportability however renders them susceptible to accidental damage, such as being dropped, knocked, suffer from liquid spillage or other forms of natural disaster. External hard drives are not designed for the “rough and tumble” of everyday life and really ought to display a hazard notice. Unfortunately a playful bump from your friendly dog or boisterous youngster can easily result in the catastrophic loss of vital files and folders.

Over 80 % of the external hard disk drives we deal with have been knocked, dropped or received a jolt in someway.  A common report is that the customer has snagged or tripped over the trailing connector leads and consequently dragged the disk drive off a work surface.  The reports do as you might imagine range from the tragic to the amusing, however in the vast majority of cases end result is damage to the hard disk drive read-write head assembly.

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My sons USB hard drive was dead as a door nail, many thanks to Datlabs for their great work, it saved him weeks of extra work.”

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