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A hard drive is a component part of a computer, it stores your operating system, programs and/or data. It is referred to as a “non-volatile” data storage device, i.e. the data stored will be available when power is switched off.

Hard Drive Types.

There are two categories of hard drive data storage device:-

Solid State Devices with electronic component storage in the form of chipsets.

Hard Disk Drives utilising magnetic storage media on rotating platters.

There are also hybrid hard drives with a combination of the two technologies called SSHD’s.

Hard Drive Failure.

Hard Disk Drive devices contain moving parts such as motors, read/write heads and magnetic actuators. These moving parts render the device susceptible to failure as a consequence of misuse and also normal wear and tear.

There are a number of common categories of hard disk drive failure:

  • Logical Failure (corrupt file system data),
  • Electronic Failure (PCB + connector damage),
  • Firmware Failure (corrupt drive operating code),
  • Media Degradation (magnetic platter surface damage)
  • Mechanical Failure (moving part component failure ).

A SSD failure will typically be as a result of a storage chip or on-board power component failure.
In most cases the device will not be recognised by the BIOS.

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