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Failed NAS Rebuild and Recovery.

Datlabs is the industry leader in the successful recovery of data  from  failed Business and Home-User Network Attached Storage (NAS ) systems.

Most NAS units are used with Windows or Mac OS systems and beneath the available interface is a Linux or proprietary based operating system that manages the network file sharing and other services required by the NAS unit. A multi disk NAS unit generally uses a regular RAID configuration in its operation and this is normally established during set-up by the user or his agent. RAID 0 RAID 1 or RAID 5 are the usual configuration candidates,  contingent on performance , security and  fault tolerance that meet the users operational imperatives.

Our technicians are expert in dealing with RAID configured NAS systems and repairing Linux, Microsoft and MAC operating system failures.

Failed NAS Hard Drives.

NAS systems generally contain multiple hard drives in a mirror or stripe configuration. In an adequately provisioned system you can generally deal with a faulty hard disk drive by swaping-out the faulty drive then allowing the system to rebuild, after all this is what they are designed to do. Please be aware however that . “If the controller does not recognize new disks it will initialize and you may lose your data”.

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NAS Data Recovery.

If you have a non responsive NAS unit, are not IT savvi and you need access to your stored data then please don’t gamble with potentially risky maintenance actions as these can lead to complex situations and the potential loss of your important data.

Call Datlabs help line for expert assistance in restoring access to your data.






NAS Recovery Cases.


QNAP Four WD Hard Disk Drives in  RAID-5 configuration with two failed HDD’s. Our Technicians repaired faulty  read write heads on one of the drives and undertook a bad sector recovery on the other failed drive . They then successfully imaged all the disks and recovered the customers  data.


D-Link  Four Hard Disk Drives, RAID-5 configures.  Single Hard Drive failure, system failed to rebuild. Our technicians rebuilt the file system,  recovered the data,  imaged onto an external hard drive and returned to the customer to install on new system.

Netgear Ready NAS.

Netgear Ready NAS : Two hard drives in RAID 1 config  showing bad sectors. All data recovered and returned to the customer.

Western Digital.

WD: Four hard drives configured as a RAID 5. RAID controller failure all drives OK.  Raid controller had become corrupt.  RAID config tables re-instated and data recovered overnight.


Seagate  Four hard drives in RAID 5.  Single drive failure and system had failed to rebuild.  System drives showed a lot of bad sectors    All drives were imaged and data recovered.

WD My World Book.

WD My World Book  RAID-1 mirror,  All data easily recovered.


Thecus  4 Hard drives in a RAID 0. single HDD  fail , Failed drive heads replaced and  data recovered.


LaCie:  System auto update failed leaving file system corrupt.  File system repaired , system rebuilt and data recovered .

Synology Diskstation.

Synology Diskstation  Photographer had entrusted system to friend in order to update , The update was poorly implemented and recent wedding shoot was inaccessible. We rebuild the system and recovered the data to a new external hard drive.