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Datlabs RAID 5 Data Recovery Technical Support Service is available 24 x 7  Nationwide. The team has many years experience of successfully rebuilding and recovering data from most RAID 5 failure situations.  Restoring data from failed and crashed systems running under all operating system platforms,  file systems  and suppliers such as DELL, HP etc.

RAID 5 is a popular multi hard disk drive server configuration designed to militate against potentially catastrophic hardware (single hard drive) failure. A representation of the general storage arrangements is shown in the illustration below. The stored data is striped across the drives in the RAID 5 array as illustrated.  In the event of a drive failure the system automatically rebuilds, providing service in what is termed a degraded (not secure) mode. Despite its popularity however here at Datlabs we see a considerable number of such systems that have failed and  need our specialist data recovery services.

RAID 5 Parity Example

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