When tape back-ups fail as a part of your system restore, Datlabs  has solutions to extract and recover your data. Datlabs have access to a number of legacy and current tape drives that will allow us to evaluate damaged tape media and read and analyse  data previously written to the media.  If your tapes have an obsolete archive format then our technicians have the experience and the resources required to search, extract, and recover your data.


  • Overwritten tapes (including DLT and LTO)
  • Snapped Tapes, smoke or contaminated
  • Corrupt or failed backups
  • Water damaged.

Tape Recovery Solutions

Recovering data from backups and archives involves more than just reading from older tape media storage. Datlabs technicians are able to extract data from any type of media storage.

The Following is a list of  common tape restores undertaken by Datlabs.

IBM 3500 Series
3500 MP series Capacity 5-700 GBytes.

Sony AIT Series
8mm AIT Capacity 35-500 GBytes.

Oracle/ Storage Tek 9800 10000 Series
9800 Series 10,000 Series Capacity 40-1000 GBytes.

Quantum DLT/SDLT Series
DLT-SDLT Series 80-800 GBytes

Tanberg DAT Series
DAT series | LTO series | SLR series| VXA series
4mm, 8mm (MP) | Ultrium (Generation 1 -5)| SLR | VXA
Capacity 38-1500 GBytes

Quantum, HP, Sony
DDS 4mm Capacity 20-40GBytes

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“I am more than satisfied with the service, I found DATLABS to be the cheapest and most professional data recovery company on the market.”

Sarah StanmoreSheffield

“I was delighted with the service, DATLABS recovered all of my pictures, music and files.”

Nathalie LefevreNice (France)