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Western Digital Data Recovery.

Datlabs Western Digital Data Recovery Service. We repair and recover data from All makes and manufacture of failed, faulty, damaged, crashed, inaccessible and clicking Western Digital Hard Disk Drives. With Datlabs professional services and leading edge facilities you get the best possible opportunity to recover inaccessible data from all your faulty Western Digital Hard Drives. If you require our Data Recovery services then getting in touch with our team of experts could not be easier. Use our Online Chat, Request a Call Back  using the contact form on this page or simply call our Help Desk.

Western Digital Hard Drive Failure.

The technical team at Datlabs report that there are no specific failure issues affecting Western Digital hard disk drives.  Our data recovery customer service centre receives the usual gamut of failure conditions associated with general use and mis-use of hard disk drives.

Hard Disk Drive Mechanical Failure.

The most common symptoms associated with faulty Western Digital Hard Drives are clicking and buzzing sounds. Clicking sounds are generally caused by read write head failure and buzzing sounds are generally associated with a spindle motor failure (the spindle motor rotates the hard disk platters). In these cases the hard disk  drive needs to be stripped down in our clean air room and fitted with replacement parts that will make the hard disk drive sufficiently functional for the data stored on the recording media to adequately retrieved.

The large majority of Western Digital mechanical hard drive failures we receive are external hard drives that have been dropped or knocked resulting in the read write heads becoming damaged. The product types we receive are failed Western Digital My Book, failed Western Digital My Book Duo, Western Digital Thunderbolt, Western Digital Studio and western Digital Elements.

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Hard Disk Drive Electronic Failure.

Symptoms associated with an electronic or PCB failure  can vary enormously;  motor not spinning and hard drive not recognised. hard drive clicking similar in nature to a mechanical fault, firmware corrupt resulting in the drive being recognised as an invalid type.

Hard Disk Drive Logical Failures.

Drive is spinning and boots fine however  can see folder s but cant open them, These types of conditions are what we call logical failures and are normally associated with a corrupt file structure.  these conditions are not unique to Western Digital Hard Disk Drives .

Western Digital Hard Drive Model Types

Western Digital Green Drives.

Heat has a large impact on the overall reliability of a HDD’s. Heat also increases power consumption, increased fan operation, noise levels and a propensity to hard disk drive failure.

Western Digital Green hard disk drives have on board drive temperature management that provides for cooler operation and an extended MTBF. This alongside the WDC Intelli Seek technology balances performance and power,

The Western Digital Green product lines have acoustic dampening and reduced vibration and advanced 4K HDD formatting. WD Green products feature a Dual Stage Actuator, which delivers higher precision motion that reduces inherent bit errors. Ramp Load Technology also protects the drive by ensuring the recording head never touches the disk media, reducing wear and tear to the head and increases drive reliability.

Western Digital Red Drives.

The RED hard disk drive product is specifically targeted for use in a broader portfolio of NAS system RAID solutions with a maximum of 8 bays running under WD NAS ware 3.0. These RED hard disk drives are specifically designed for SMB customers and whose application is suited to streaming media, back- up, file sharing with mobile devices, computers. Firmware technology built into every WD Red drive, seamless integration, robust data protection and optimal performance for systems operating in NAS and RAID environments.

Western Digital Black Drives.

The latest WD Black desktop hard drives offer enhanced features that maximize system performance. The product is designed for use in performance and workstation PCs equipped with high-end components. The WD Black hard drives feature Vibration Control Technology (VCT) which allows the disks inside the drive to adapt to any mounting problems or vibration conditions that are inside your case, resulting in increased data accuracy, performance and reliability over time. Put simply, this means you can game harder, faster and longer. In addition to Vibration Control Technology (VCT), WD Black is also equipped with StableTrac Technology, which secures the motor shaft inside the drive at both ends to help reduce additional system-induced vibrations. StableTrac stabilizes the hard disk platters resulting in more accurate tracking in a particular sector during read and write operations. The WD Black products also use dynamic caching algorithm improves performance in real time by optimizing cache allocation between reads and writes and ramp technology.

Western Digital Blue Drives.

WD Blue is an entry level device for everyday storage solution requirements. WD Blue is available in a broad range of entry-level capacities, cache sizes, form factors and interfaces. WD Blue storage is tested and recommended for use in desktop and All-in-One PCs, industrial applications, notebooks, and external enclosures where capacity is not needed.

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