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Data Recovery by Datlabs

Datlabs recover  data from any faulty Hard Drive,  Laptop, Mobile Phone, RAID System, NAS or CCTV recorder. Our secure infrastructure, advanced workshop facilities and qualified technicians deliver successful results for Individuals and Business. We are open normal week day hours and on-call evenings and weekends.

Home User 

Datlabs provide a Covid 19 Return Media discount for individuals, home workers, small operations and students etc. delivering on SAFE service excellence. Hard Drive, Laptop, RAID and NAS Data Recovery.

Business  Partner

Datlabs Busines Data Recovery Partner Services

We provide Premium Data Recovery Solutions  to Business  Partners who require dedicated management, reporting and positive outcomes in demanding timescales.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensic Services Datlabs

Datlabs Digital Forensics Services recover evidence data from data storage devices involved in criminal and civil dispute.  Typically crime caught on CCTV, Computer Misuse, Fraud, Dispute and all civil and criminal matters.

Datlabs Recover Data From: 

Datlabs  Technical Team.

Datlabs data recovery technicians are  qualified engineers with a wealth of experience involving data loss situations involving  all data storage devices and systems within our portfolio. They are friendly and enthusiastic and are able to assist with any particular data loss situation and where possible  resolve it for you.

Data Recovery from Hard Drives.

Our Laboratories recover files, folders and pics from ALL failed hard drive products running Windows, Mac O/S and Linux. Our Data Recovery workshops can recover data from your damaged, corrupt, clicking hard disk drive, buzzing hard drive or simply dead hard drive.  We recover data from all solid state integral storage technology and computer solid state drives (SSD’s) found in many notebooks, ipads, and laptop computers.  Datlabs maintain  recovery success rates that are the envy of the industry.

Each year Datlabs repair and recover data from many hundreds of faulty external hard drives of all makes and models. The physical size and use of these devices renders them vulnerable to knocks,drops, liquid damage, electrical and mechanical failure. If you have a failed portable hard drive our technicians will have seen one like it many hundreds of times before.

Faulty Mobile Phone Recovery.

Our labs are fully equipped to deal with the latest solid state mobile phone technology. Our labs recover data, files, folders, pics, contacts , audio and video recordings from faulty mobile phones and tablets. All makes, models and chip-sets.

Faulty NAS Systems Recovered.

Datlabs rebuild and recover Network Attached Storage (NAS) Systems. Typically Netgear, Buffalo, Synology, Diskstation, ASUSTOR, QNAP, HP, Lacie, WD My Cloud, WD Sentinel, Seagate NAS, Thecus and G RAID . Our technicians have seen them all before and successfully recovered data from a multitude of failure situations.

Failed RAID System  Rebuild and Recovery.

Datlabs RAID Rapid response team are industry leading experts in rebuilding and recovering data from failed RAID systems and faulty NAS systems. Our dedicated team specialize in rebuilding failed RAID 5, failed RAID 6, RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 1 0. Beyond RAID and many NAS and hybrid RAID Systems such as Storinator.  We recover ALL Systems running any operating system.

If you are a Business or Home User with a crashed or corrupt RAID, Server or NAS system then we have competitively priced service options to suite your needs.

Datlabs RAID  Recovery RAPID Response Team are proficient in the rebuild and recovery of all Tower and Rack Mounted Server Systems :-

  • HP Servers, HP Proliant Series: ML350 DL Series.
  • System X ThinkServer,
  • Dell
  • IBM Power Servers: S821LC, S822LC, S822, S812L, S822L, S824.
  • Fujitsu, etc.

Datlabs Data Recovery Articles.

Datlabs publish articles concerning hard drive and data recovery services and technology and other information relating to  data storage and digital forensics. You can browse these on our data recovery articles section.

Data Recovery Office Locations 

Datlabs Data Recovery  Offices are open 0800 – 1700 on week days.   Call our Customer Service Desk for an  appointment and a reference number before dropping in.   With Emergency cases we attend within hours and will work on your equipment until your data is recovered

Datlabs London
Data Recovery Office

68 Lombard Street.
Near Bank Station
City of London.
T: 0207  293 0815

Datlabs Birmingham
Data Recovery Office

One Victoria Square,
City Center
B1 1BD.
T: 0121 629 0437

Datlabs Chiswick
Data Recovery Office

Bldg 3. Chiswick Park
566 Chiswick High Road.
W4 5YA.
T: 0207 111 0965

Datlabs Liverpool
Data Recovery Office

Horton House.
Exchange Flags.
L2 3PF.
T: 0151 676 0000.

Datlabs Manchester
Data Recovery Office

The Pavilions.
Bridgehall  Drive.
BL9 7NY.
T: 0161 452 3896.

Datlabs Leeds
Data Recovery Office

City West Business Park,
Gelderd Road.
LS12 6LN.
T: 0113 254 9742

Data Security.

Any data storage device whether it is a computer, laptop or mobile phone etc., will hold sensitive and personal details whose integrity needs to be preserved and  protected against misuse.   We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO),  compliant with  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR ) and PCI  Security Standards.  Confidentiality and protection  of your data whilst in our  care is of paramount importance. We place our customers at the heart of  our operations and your data is as important to us as it is to you !

Datlabs Data Recovery  Laboratories 

Our laboratories  are equipped with all the latest tools, test gear and applications designed for the data recovery  and digital forensic industry. These facilities when brought together with our qualified and experienced technicians means we can provide a best in class service to our customers.

Research and Development.

Here at Datlabs we have participated in government funded data recovery Research and Development projects that have facilitated an exceptional knowledge and expertise in computer related digital data storage, multi disk (RAID) computer systems and flash memory technology. All of which is fundamental to our  Data Recovery capability that is the envy of  the industry.

Our team of highly skilled technicians rescue data from computer hard drives, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.  We also maintain a RAID Crash Team on standby ready to recover data from failed business servers and NAS systems. Our extensive data recovery service portfolio includes Digital Forensic Services

Clean Air, ESD Compliant Work Areas

Datlabs Clean Room

Microscopic Media Inspections

datlabs data recovery clean room