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Data Recovery Hard Disc

RAID Failure?

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Data Recovery Services 

UK’s  Leading Data  Recovery Provider

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0800 008 6638

Data Recovery Services.

Providing Data  Recovery Services  to business and individuals since 2002.  Data  Recovered from ALL types of  data storage media and systems  Our  Server CRASH team is on-hand 24 x 7  to rescue critical data from ANY RAID Server System Set-up.

Hard Drive Recovery

Raid Server Recovery

Mobile Phone Recovery

NAS Recovery

Digital Forensic Service

CCTV Evidence Discovery

Data Recovery  Services You  Can Trust

Here at Datlabs we invest in people, research,  technology, tools and test gear that when brought together provide exceptional and successful data recovery service solutions. We are a long established, trusted service provider that places its  customers at the heart of its operations.  Our technical team are recognized industry leading professionals, producing exceptional results  in extreme circumstances such as fire and flood.

Data Security  and Data Protection.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Offices (ICO) and our operations are compliant with the latest General Data Protection Regulatory (GDPR ) recommendations.  Confidentiality and the protection and care of your critical is paramount , your Data is as important to us as it is to you !

Data Recovery  Help Desk.

The Datlabs  customer services team provide help, assistance and reassurance when you need it most. They are an efficient and friendly point of contact during normal working hours and are also available  for out of hours (OOH)  support.   Our FAQ’s page will answer a lot of the everyday queries you may have concerning our services.

Fair Service Pricing Policy.

Our prices are fair and competitive with Service Level Agreements that suite most requirements.  All our work is carried out under  no surprises, fixed price estimates and we never over-charge, call our  Customer Service and  Support  Desk for details.

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