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Datlabs THE Data Recovery Company.

Datlabs Data Recovery successfully rescues data from many hundreds of failed computer hard drives and faulty mobile phones  each year.  Datlabs experienced Rapid Response Team provide a same day repair and rebuild service of failed RAID configured business servers and network attached storage systems. We serve home and business  customers throughout the UK  and  from our local offices in the City of London,  Chiswick,  Manchester,  Birmingham,  Leeds,  Liverpool, Northampton and Glasgow.

Datlabs  data recovery channel partners provide professional first line support to the many and varied products that have a data storage capability such as laptops, notebooks and mobile phones. You can discover  more information about our data recovery services here.

Since our incorporation in 2000 we have continued or commitment to invest in developing our expertise and technical capabilities and are now the recognized industry leader in the field of data recovery and digital forensics.

Datlabs Technical Support.

Datlabs Data Recovery Support Centre  operates 24 x 7  serving Home and Business customers. The majority of our work concerns the temporary repair of applications and equipment in order to rescue your inaccessible data. Typically hard disk drives, RAID Servers, NAS Systems, External hard drives,   CCTV Systems, Mobile Phones, Tablets, IPads and the like.  We provide telephone and “online chat”  assistance during normal working hours and an out of hours on-call service. We can also be contacted using the email request form on this page.

Data Recovery Technicians and Expertise.

We have been established in the Data Recovery industry for a period of over 17 years.  Our technicians have solid academic qualifications, Degree or Diploma and will have served an apprenticeship or joined our business via university intake.

Data Recovery Technology.

Most computer related systems and products use non volatile data storage components and technology. The term “non-volatile” refers to data storage devices that retain information once the power to them is disconnected. To sustain and grow our operations we partner with a world leading  manufacturer  of Hard Drives and Solid State Data storage products  and we also invest in Research and Development of propriedata recovery programs.

This underlying attribute facilitates the possibility of recovering your stored data in the event that the parent device suffers an electronic or electrical failure. Here at Datlab’s we deal with all types of data storage technology both old and new. Typically Hard Disk Drives, Memory Sticks, Solid State Drives, External Hard Disk Drives, Laptop Hard Drives, RAID Server and NAS. We also undertake Mobile Phone and Tablet, repair and recovery.

Data Recovery Solutions.

The volumes of digital data stored globally increases exponentially each year and this results in a relatively rapid churn in data storage technology and products. Keeping up to speed with this market means that Datlabs Data Recovery has to make a considerable investment in researching and developing new in-lab and on-site data recovery solutions.

Customer Services.

We operate a friendly and efficient Data Recovery Customer Service Centre,  providing advice, pre and after sales support. The Datlabs team are dedicated to providing a professional service experience across a range of products and systems particularly multi disk RAID Servers,  Network Attached Storage Solutions and Mobile Phones. Our team of technicians are industry leaders in their field with vast case experience, offering you the best possible chance of restoring your lost data in the fastest possible time.

Computer Forensic Services.

Datlabs provide digital evidence recovery and investigation services  involving digital storage media, systems and equipment. We typically act in matters concerning  fraud, theft, misuse, pornography etc, that are to be brought to the attention of legal counsel and the courts. We also deal with malicious and consequentially damaged software and hardware.