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Industry Leading Data Recovery Services.

Since 2002 we have successfully recovered data from many thousand laptops, mobile phones, hard drives and RAID configured server systems. We have local city center  offices in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Leeds and  Liverpool and  are now the recognized “go to” company in the field of data recovery and digital forensics. When dealing with your personal and business data Datlabs is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

G.D.P.R Compliance

Datlabs GDPR Data Security

Data Recovery Expertise and Facilities.

Our technicians have solid academic qualifications, Degree or Diploma and will have served an apprenticeship or joined our business via university intake. We have all the precision tools, test equipment and operational facilities necessary for our technicians to restore access to and recover data from Hard Drives, RAID Server Systems,  Solid State Drives, Laptops and  Mobile Phones.

Our recent investments include:-

  • Surveillance & Security Systems
  • New Forensic Laboratory
  • New Science De-Contamination Unit
  • HDD Tooling Developments
  • Integrated CRM Management
  • Rapid Response Capability
  • FSR Compliance
  • SOC Diagnosis and Repair

Data Recovery Solutions.

The volumes of digital data stored globally increases exponentially each year and this results in a relatively rapid churn in data storage technology and products. Keeping up to speed with this market means that Datlabs Data Recovery has to make a considerable investment in researching and developing new in-lab and on-site data recovery solutions.

Customer Services Help Desk.

We operate a friendly and efficient Data Recovery Customer Service Centre,  providing advice, pre and after sales support. The Datlabs team are dedicated to providing a professional service experience across a range of products and systems particularly multi disk RAID Servers,  Network Attached Storage Solutions and Mobile Phones. Our team of technicians are industry leaders in their field with vast case experience, offering you the best possible chance of restoring your lost data in the fastest possible time.

Digital Forensic  Evidence  Recovery,  Discovery and Disclosure.

provide digital forensic evidence recovery and investigation services  involving digital storage media, systems and equipment. We typically act in matters concerning  fraud, theft, misuse, pornography etc, that are to be brought to the attention of legal counsel and the courts. We also deal with malicious and consequentially damaged software and hardware.

What others say:-

Datlabs have successfully recovered a number of our faulty laptop field hard drives.

DanielIT Services

The Server at HQ had crashed Datlabs rebuilt our RAID and recovered all our data.

PhilIT Support

Dropped Laptop fully recovered. Excellent Service!