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Android Mobile Phone Data Recovery. 

Damaged, Faulty, Bricked  Mobile Phones.

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We recover  data, contacts, pics, messages  and call logs from faulty and damaged Android Mobile Phones  and Tablets,  returning them to you on a USB memory stick ready to restore.

All Fault Types.

  • Water Damage
  • Deleted Files
  • Failed Upgrade
  • Damaged  Screen
  • Damaged Connectors
  • Not Charging
  • Dead Devices

Successful Services.

  • Technical Help Line
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  • Confidential Service
  • Micro-Electronic Repair
  • Trained Technicians

Fair Data Recovery Service Pricing Policy.

Our prices are fair and competitive with Service Level Agreements that suite most requirements.  All our work is carried out under  no surprises, fixed price estimates and we never over-charge, call our  Customer Service and  Support  Desk for details our visit Datlabs Mobile Phone Frequently Asked Questions page.

All Makes and Models:

  • HTC U11
    Samsung Galaxy S9 +
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Galaxy Note
    Galaxy S7 Edge
    Galaxy Note 8
    Sony Xperia
    Sony Xperia XZ2
    Moto E5
    Moto X4

  • LG G7
    LG G5
    LGV 30
    Huawei P20
    Huawei P10
    Huawei P9
    Huawei Mate 10
    OnePlus 5T
    Google Pixel
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The Google  mobile operating system (OS) is based on a Linux kernel and is designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Google has further developed Android for notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras, and other electronics. The major manufacturers of hardware designed for this environment run the Android operating system.

Google is constantly looking at ways to improve the Android operating system, and releases major software updates on a regular basis, the latest version is Android Pie.

Extra add on features such as NFC, water-resistance, fingerprint scanners and micro SD card slots improve the overall user experience of a smartphone. Micro SD is a good idea if you want to watch lots of downloaded videos or music, and it’s an essential feature on some cheaper phones that have limited built-in memory.

These features add to the complexity of the work required to recover your valuable data particularly were security algorithms are involved. Datlabs R&D always strives to keep pace with developments and at the same time provide a comprehensive and cost effective mobile device data recovery service

Android  Phone Data Loss.

Pics, files, folders, emails, videos can be left inaccessible as a result of hitting the wrong button or icon particularly with a new or unfamiliar device. Installing or uninstalling apps is a common operation that can go badly wrong or a wrongly initiated factory reset. Mobiles and Tablets are also particularly vulnerable to being damaged due to knock, drops and water ingress.

 Damaged and Faulty Phones.

Datlabs maintain a comprehensive anti-static workshop facility with installed latest recovery equipment, tools and test gear. This facility includes infrared rework stations required for intricate multilayer printed circuit boards and large scale Integrated Circuit chip removal and replacement. Not to mention our highly trained staff ! who will be looking after the recovery of your valuable data.    Click here to discover more general information about our mobile phone data recovery services When undertaking data recovery work from not just Android enabled devices but all mobile phones and tablets , such facilities are absolutely essential to ensure the best possible chance of recovering your data. We are faced constantly with devices that have been damaged irreparably by ill equipped back street PC shops or well meaning individuals who believe this work to be simple. If the data you no longer have access to on your android device is valuable to you then Contact Datlabs Mobile Phone Data Recovery for a professional service.

 Deleted Data 

Datlabs have specialist software and application technology that will recover deleted data from Android enabled devices. We can also recover specialist  data types that users may wish to retrieve and which are not normally accessible such application history files and folders.

Data Security  and Data Protection.

We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and comply with the  General Data Protection Regulations. Datlabs facilities are secure and the  processes and data storage facilities we use are specially designed to afford customer confidence that their data and equipment is being managed securely during its time in our keeping.  Confidentiality and the protection and care of your personal or business data is as important to us as it is to you.

Forensic Investigation and Recovery.

Data stored on Mobile Phones can be instrumental in criminal investigations and matters of civil dispute  Sat-Nav apps can determinate  whereabouts social media interactions infidelity.  text messaging, whats app, face time and call logs can also be vital in understanding user behaviour and possible guilt.

Here at Datlabs we undertake all types of forensic investigation work including those where Android mobile phones and devices are involved. You can find out more about our digital forensic services here or you can call our digital forensic services department. (all enquiries in confidence )

Help With A Faulty Android.

Contact our  Service Desk  by calling 0800 008 6638 or drop-in at our offices at

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photo recovery

I accidentally deleted the photo book from my Samsun Galaxy. It had all my holiday photos in it. Datlabs did a great job in getting them all back.


Samsung Galaxy Factory Reset

I lost access to my pics, contacts and messages after a factory reset, Datlabs said there was a slim chance they could do a recovery and would take look.. I posted it off to them and they managed to get all my info back ! Top service