Seagate Rosewood Drive

Toshiba Range Of New Hard Drives

Toshiba range of new hard drives Japanese electronics manufacturer Toshiba has launched its new range of special purpose hard drives. These include the P300 Desktop PC Hard Drive, L200 Laptop PC Hard Drive, X300 Performance Hard Drive, N300…
Toshiba Laptop Hard Drive
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Latest On Toshiba Hard Drive Manufacture

Latest On Toshiba Hard Drive Manufacture. Toshiba + Western Digital are jointly the second largest NAND flash memory producer, however Toshiba by happenstance now appears destined to dispose of its interests. Parties indicating that they may…
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Firewire overview

Firewire. Here at Datlabs our technicians are often asked "what is Firewire and how is it used to connect devices and facilitate the interchange of data with my computer?"  The following basic description will hopefully clarify what is meant…
data recovery myths
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DIY Data Recovery Myths to avoid

At DatLabs we hear a lot of DIY data recovery myths, we thought we'd share some of the most popular DIY 'tips' we hear for getting back your lost data and explain why you should avoid them. Put your Hard Drive on Ice Literally put your hard…
Best data recovery company
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Best Data Recovery Company

If you have lost data on your computer or laptop then you need to use the best data recovery company to get those important files back. How to Choose a Data Recovery Company A quick Google search for 'Data Recovery company' will bring up a…
I've lost all my work
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I've Lost All My Work - Need Data Recovery Fast

The words we hear most when people call DatLabs - "I've lost all my work!!"How often have you uttered those words? Something has gone wrong perhaps someone spilled a drink over your laptop in the middle of working, or for no reason you get…
DIY data recovery London
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DIY Recovery of Data

DIY Data Recovery can be very risky, many of the DIY Data Recovery products available are not fit for a specific problem and without a good understanding of hard drives and computer systes you cannot properly diagnose a problem therefore you…
Data Recovery Work
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Why Is Data Recovery So Expensive?

Whether you need data recovery for important business documents, forensic data recovery or to retrieve precious photos from a laptop or mobile phone, the general opinion is that data recovery is very expensive. I can't afford Professional Data…
Data Recovery Industry Insider
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recovering data

Recovering Data Following on from our successfully recovering data from a faulty portable data storage device we ask our customers "what do you want us to return your data on?" The customer generally settles for his or her data being copied…