Datlabs Data Recovery Mobile Phone Troubleshooting:

Symptom: Mobile Phone not charging

If your mobile phone is not taking charge or is losing its charge quickly it maybe the result of a faulty power adapter or electronic component failure.  Try the following basic checks to identify the problem:

• Check charging/connection point and ensure it is free from detritus that might adversely affect a clean connexion
• Do a soft reset a failed, the OS may be preventing the phone from charging.
• Substitute the charging cable for a new one. cables get damaged and can high impedance or intermittently faulty.
• Replace the battery – some mobiles allow for easy removal of the battery. If so a replacement may solve the problem
• Check your battery and power saving settings – Most mobiles have a power control app that provides Battery Usage info and helps you manage battery and power consumption.

If none of the above measures resolve the issue, your mobile phone or tablet may have a hardware problem, call Datlabs Data Recovery services, we have sophisticated tools and test gear that will identify and remedy mobile phone power problems.

Symptom: Mobile phone stuck on its boot logo or in a boot loop

This symptom has a number of typical causes:-

• Software manipulation; customising a mobile smart phone can create incompatibility problems. Providing your device has not been factory reset Data Data Recovery can generally rescue stored files and folders and the underlying problem can then be remedied and your phone either replaced or rebuilt.
• Software update interrupted causing OS corruption Datlabs Data Recovery can generally access the device memory and extract your data.
• Software glitch or virus. Recent untrusted or poorly coded apps are a common cause

Mobile Phone appears Dead’ or Bricked

If your phone is completely unresponsive this generally indicates a component failure such as CPU, flash memory, power controller , WIFI , touch screen and other electronic paraphernalia can be the cause of a dead device.

Symptom: Mobile Phone – freezing and rebooting

Excessive downloads and pic taking can exhaust the available memory storage capacity thereby interfering with the phones capacity to deal with its executable and boot processes making the it intermittently phone freeze or undertake an unexpected reboot. Best way forward is to delete unused apps, taking care not to delete communication based applications such as WhatsApp that hold text records and pics.

Symptom: Mobile Phone damaged touchscreens, circuit boards and connectors.

Usual causes are dropped from a height, crushed, sat-on etc., Providing the flash memory is intact vital data can normal be retrieved and transferred to a new device.

If you require your data to be retrieved your device will need to be, at the very least, temporarily fixed in order to gain data access. This can be an expensive fault-finding process if a DIY effort is undertaken due to the cost of spare parts. Our team have many different parts for most types of phones including Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, HTS and other well known brands and so choosing us to perform your mobile device data recovery may prove the cheaper option.

Symptom: Mobile Phone overheating and turns off

This problem can be caused by a failing battery, bad power saver settings or a heavy processing load. A device turning off is generally a consequence The turn

Symptom: Mobile Phone Deleted data, messages, contacts, photos and videos etc

If you have deleted in error important data the first thing to do is switch off the phone. If you continue to access and use your phone you will sooner or later be overwriting the data you are looking for. Installing apps and even taking calls is decreasing your recovery success percentage by the second.

Datlabs Data Recovery mobile phone service can rescue the following

    • Web history
    • Contacts
    • Call Logs – incoming and outgoing
    • Text messages
    • Pics
    • Audio and Video recordings

Symptom: Mobile Phone forgotten password, pin code or swipe

If you have forgotten your mobile PIN or cannot access your phone and you are the legal owner of the phone we may be able to help. Using our specialist test equipment we may be able to access your data

Symptom: Mobile Phone Factory Reset.

For the majority of mobile smart phone models on todays market returning them to factory settings will render the contents of the flash memory valueless. In returning a smart phone to its factory settings you are making the instrument available for a new user and preventing your data from misuse.

The data stored on the internal flash memory is encrypted and the soft key that allows the data to be accessed and presented in an understandable form s created by the smart phones CPU A Factory reset command deletes the current encryption key and creates a new one thereby preventing user access to the old data, files, folders, contacts and pics.

Older or legacy smart phone models do not have an integral encryption facility and access to data created prior to a reset is possible using Datlabs Data Recovery Mobile Phone Repair and Rebuild services.

Symptom: Water Damaged Mobile Phone

Datlabs Data Recovery service centre receives has received and successfully recovered data from many hundreds of water damaged mobile phones.

Smart Phones that have been dropped in the toilet, left in clothing and placed in a washing machine and dryer, left in swim shorts, dropped in the sink..you get the idea. Mobile phones are very susceptible to water damage.

We recommend that you do not try to power on your device even though you may have attempted to be dry it out. Water damage normally leaves microscopic particulate deposits on the surface of the smart phones internal printed circuit board/s or the pins of the microprocessor and its large scale integrated chip-sets. These particulates create short circuits that can potentially damage the flash memory storage where, pics, contacts text and other data is stored. Water ingress will also adversely affect the operation of the smart phone touch screen, itself an electronic component. A touchscreen component suffering water ingress will in most cases be un-repairable.

A prerequisite to undertaking Data Recovery processes from water damaged smart phones is decontamination cleaning in order to remove corrosion and deposits that potentially interfere with the correct operation of the instrument. Once completed the operation of the instrument is checked, faults diagnosed and remedied and faulty components replaced. This will re-instate normal operation and access to the flash memory storage area. Any data stored in memory can then be transferred, examined and returned to the customer to be restored on a new phone.

If you have lost valuable pics, contacts, texts, click   Datlabs Data Recovery  mobile phone data recovery services  for more information regarding our services.

Mobile Phone Artificial Intelligence Analysis Technology.

Cellebrite the supplier of the mobile phone analysis technology used by Datlabs Data Recovery has recently announced the launch of  Artificial intelligence based analysis software.

The AI software  is capable of interpreting images, matching faces and analysing patterns of communication thereby introducing the potential to speed up investigations into  alleged crime.

Currently the software is being piloted by UK police forces to speed up examination of mobile phones seized as a part of criminal investigations.

Cellebrite, the now Japanese-owned company behind some of the software, claims a wider rollout would solve problems over failures to disclose crucial digital evidence that have led to the collapse of a series of rape trials and other prosecutions in the past year. However, the move by police has prompted concerns over privacy and the potential for software to introduce bias into processing of criminal evidence.

As police and lawyers struggle to cope with the exponential rise in data volumes generated by phones and laptops in even routine crime cases, the hunt is on for a technological solution to handle increasingly unmanageable workloads. Some forces are understood to have backlogs of up to six months .

Earlier this year the chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, Sara Thornton commented that her organisation was working with the Crown Prosecution Service on disclosure problems and could explore AI solutions.

Contact Datlabs Data Recovery for the Forensic analysis of mobile phones 

Data Recovery after mobile phone Factory Reset.

What is a Mobile Phone Factory Reset?

Factory Reset is a built-in feature of mobile phones that will return all device settings, app data, user information and data to its original state. Most software and application issues can be fixed by performing a factory reset and this can help pin point rogue apps and updates that compromise the integrity and performance of your phone.

It is wise to give your phone a factory reset when you want to :-

• Protect your personal data before selling or re-cycling the phone.
• Improve the phone’s performance.
• Reset the pattern lock code and password.
• Fix the phone as it keeps freezing after system update.

What happens to my personal data and pictures after a factory reset?

Performing a factory reset on your phone will overwrite and/or prevent you from accessing the data stored in the phones internal flash memory and your phone will be returned to its initial default factory settings.

Is it possible to recover my data following a factory reset?

Users can be easily confused by the “return to factory settings” facility and its careless use can be catastrophic for those users who have not backed up or archived their data. With most new to market mobile phones a factory reset will initiate a new encryption algorithm for the data stored in the flash memory and the storage areas previously used will now be marked as available for use by the OS and hence any pre-loaded or newly loaded apps. This means that all your contacts, messages, call logs, images, videos, audios, documents, and other files stored in the phone will no longer be available.

Will a factory reset wipe my SD Card?

The Factory Reset function will only wipe the data from Android internal storage, and it won’t erase the files or app data saved in your SD card. If you back-up an Android mobile to your SD card you don’t have to worry about losing your pics.

Following a factory reset can my data be recovered by freely available means?

Where data is not over-written by the factory reset, the  answer is remarkably yes,  however the data recovered will be in an encrypted format and you will need a facility that can re-instate your unique encryption key or can initiate a brute force crack to unscramble the encrypted data. The bad news is that this sort of thing is not commercially available.

Datlabs Data Recovery Repair and Recovery Services from Faulty Mobile Phones.

Mobile Phone Fault Conditions.

Battery / Charging Faults.

Mobile phone battery or charging faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:

  • The battery will not charge.
  • The battery only stays charged for a short while.

Charging Faults.

Mobile phone charging faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:

  • You are unable to charge the phone.
  • The phone charges for a short period of time only.
  • The charger will not fit correctly into the charging block.
  • The phone shows a full charge but the charge lasts only a short time.


Check Out:

  • Inspect the charge connection, check for dirt and crud that  prevent a clean connexion.
  • Perform a soft reset a restart may correct the problem.
  • Try an alternative cable
  • Replace the battery.
  • kill battery hungry apps and facilities that drain  the battery.


Phone stuck in a boot loop.

Recent failed update means phone is stuck at the logo.

Check Out:

  • Interruption part way though the update.
  • phone unplugged and loses power
  • battery fail during process.
  • non trusted apps /virus

Factory Format.

Pics, Texts, Contacts etc no longer appear

Check Out:

  • Factory resets will revert to original settings and O/S  and in some cases will overwrite storage.
  • Specialist equipment may be used to recover non indexed data. 


Water Damage.

Mobile phone water damage faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:

Check Out:

  • If your mobile phone has been exposed to water, remove the battery and DO NOT switch it on as this could cause irreversable damage to the phone.
  • A water damaged phone does not have any specific symptoms because it could cause any of the effects listed on this page.

Software or Firmware Faults.

Mobile phone software/firmware faults will usually occur with the following symptoms.

Check Out:

  • The phone switches itself off intermittently.
  • The phone halts/freezes.
  • Certain phone menus/features are no longer accessible.
  • The screen flickers on and off.

General Stuff:

Microphone Faults.

Mobile phone microphone faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:

Check Out:

  • The caller cannot hear you.
  • Your voice is distorted to the caller.
  • The caller can hear you on some occasions but not all the time.

Speaker / Sound Faults.

Mobile phone speaker faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:

Check Out:

  • You cannot hear ringtones and/or music.
  • Ringtones and/or music is distorted or difficult to understand.
  • Ringtones and/or music is too quiet.

Earpiece / Hearing Faults.

Mobile phone earpiece faults will usually occur with the following symptoms:

Check Out:

  • You cannot hear the caller.
  • The callers voice is distorted or difficult to understand.
  • The callers voice is too quiet.


Above faults mean you cannot access important pics, files, txts , contacts etc.,   Need to know more ? Datlabs Data Recovery and Repair Services from Mobile Phones.

Datlabs Industry Leading Mobile Phone Recovery Specialists.

We’ve all done it: accidentally deleted photos, videos or files.  Don’t stress Datlabs is now the UK industry leader in mobile Phone data recovery services and will recover your files, folders, contacts, pics, videos, voice recordings and applications  data.  Send it to us, drop it off at one our many Datlabs UK local offices or call our Datlabs Customer Services Desk who will be happy to arrange a door to door courier service for you.  We successfully resolve hundreds of customer mobile phone data loss issues each month. We have unique facilities and expertise to recover your lost data.  In the mean time to prevent your deleted data being over written by device updates and normal use ; do not save anything else to your device and  switch it off.

Android Phone Problems.

Here are a couple of common issues associated with Android Mobile Phone Types.

Battery Not Charging.

Android mobile phones not charging is a common problem.

Remedial Actions

  • Check and clean the connection port.
  • The Android OS may have crashed so do a soft reset.
  • Try a new charging cable
  • Replace the battery
  • The Android OS battery checker app maybe corrupt do a reload.

If none of the above restores the phone to a working condition then your devices may have an electronic component fault.

Android  Boot Loop

Phone is unable to boot-up and hangs can be a consequence of

  • A recent failed update resulting in a boot loop error.  The most common cause is an interruption to the update process which results in an in-adequate or corrupt code download.
  • Memory card damaged or reading incorrectly.
  • Un-trusted apps, free-to-download Android applications can contain dodgy code that will prevent booting.

When your Android device is updating its OS,  it is changing and rewriting the code that is essential for the device to operate. If this process fails for any reason then the OS could be left in a non functional or corrupted state and unable to complete its boot-up routine that will provide access to the data storage areas of the device.

Need assistance with your Android Phone and want your pics, files and folders then get in touch with datlabs the data recovery experts

Mobile Phone SIM Cards

Mobile Phone SIM cards are small transportable devices designed to store unique information associated with the subscriber to a mobile phone network service. A mobile phone cannot fully function without a valid SIM card. A SIM’s main purpose is to authenticate the subscriber to the network service provider. A SIM card contains processing and storage capability and stores information such as phonebook entries, text messages, last numbers dialled (LND) and unique information about the subscriber. Moving a SIM card between compatible mobile phone devices automatically transfers the subscriber’s information to a network provider.

Mobile Phone Access Rights.

The SIM card controls access to elements of the device file system, rights being assigned to a subscriber through 4-8 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) codes. A pre-set number of attempts (usually three) is allowed before further attempts are blocked completely, rendering communications inoperative. Only by providing a correct PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) may the value of a PIN and its counter be reset on the SIM. If the number of attempts to enter the correct PUK value exceeds a set limit, normally ten, the card becomes blocked permanently. The PUK for a SIM may be obtained from the service provider or network operator by providing the identifier of the UICC (i.e., Integrated Circuit Chip Identifier or ICCID). The ICCID is normally imprinted on the front of the SIM or in some cases read from an element of the file system. SIM’s are available in three different size formats. They are: Mini SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM.

Mobile Phone SIM Card Forensics.

Is there information stored on a SIM card worthy of data recovery. A mobile phone SIM card contains user specific and network specific data records these records are designed to allow the device to securely connect with a network provider. The mobile phone network service provider maintains these records on operational and offsite servers. A SIM card does not contain sensitive information such as pictures, videos. home address, bank account etc or other details unless you specifically write those details in a text (SMS) message or specify those details in your contact lists. Along with the text messages, the SIM card holds your phone contacts with names, numbers, history of calls including dates and times. This is why law enforcement seeks to gain entry to SIM cards in order to connect criminals to their associates. The SIM card also contains several pieces of information that relate to the security protocols, the network carrier, your Personal Identification Number (PIN), an unblocking code, and the services you use, like applications. Another very important piece of data is the last location of the phone, which is often useful as a part of any investigation. The mobile phone SIM card also stores a number of parameters such as International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) a code that represents the country, the carrier, and the subscriber.  A list of typical codes:-


SIM InformationCodeDescription
Advice of ChargeGoverns payments and receipts of your services.
Authentication KeyKiRecognizes you as the authorized user.
International Mobile Subscriber IdentityIMSIAllows the network to identify the device.
Mobile Country CodeMCCIdentifies the country of origin by a two- or three-digit code.
Mobile Subscriber Identification NumberMSINTen-digit code that is the link between you and your cellular carrier.
Mobile Subscriber International ISDN NumberMSISDNA code to decipher who you made calls to. You can change this number.
Local Area IdentityLAIAs your data travels between communication points, the SIM stores codes about the local networks.
Personal Identification NumberPINThe code you use to lock and unlock the phone.
Service Dialling NumberSDNThe numbers used to access your services like voicemail.
Service Provider NameSPNThe name of your cellular carrier.
Short Message Service CentreSMSCThe service center(s) where your text messages are processed.
Unblocking CodePUKIf you enter the wrong PIN too many times, the phone locks. The PUK, retrieved from the carrier, unlocks the phone.
Integrated Circuit Card IDICCIDThe card’s unique serial number.
Value Added ServicesVASThe services and applications that you use or pay for, like call waiting or forwarding.


Mobile Phone Chip Faults.

Latest mobile smart phones are packed with features and facilities that require processing power in the form of integrated circuit technology. So how many architectural functions are there in a mobile phone, how many chips and do they go faulty?

Smart Phone Architecture.

The functional building blocks of a mobile phone are:-

microprocessor, read only memory (ROM), random access memory (RAM), radio, digital signal processor, microphone and speaker, hardware keys, interfaces and a liquid crystal display (LCD). The OS may be stored in either NAND or NOR memory while code execution typically occurs in RAM. The functionality is usually on a single chip termed a System on a Chip (SoC).

Processors have memory size options  of circa 16, 32, 64 and 128GB and the phones also have Secure Digital (SD) memory card slots, non-cellular Bluetooth and WiFi are also built in to the device that support synchronization protocols to exchange data such as graphics, audio, and video file formats). Different mobile devices have different features and facilities such as GPS, Cameras etc.,

The performance of the processors has tended to grow exponentially new product release upon new product release. The ever popular iPhone  product processor functionality has progressed as follows :- iPhone 4S, has dual core A5 processor of unspecified speed, the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s, a 64-bit “A7 chip +M7 motion coprocessor, iPhone 6 have an A8 chip with second generation 64-bit desktop-class architecture and the iPhone 6s have a third-generation 64-bit” A9 processor. It only seems like last year that we were raving about the iPhone 4 ! and now your provider is pushing an iPhone 6.

Most users really don’t need to know or even care about the size or speed of the processor in their smart phones , they really only care about the features and functionality they provide and how effectively the smart phone can deliver these. It is this that ultimately drives the chip performance and architecture.

So back on message “how many chips and components are there in a smart phone?” Well apart from the screen and power components you are looking at two or three multifunction chips

“Do these components go faulty?”

The answer is ; very infrequently and generally as a result of mistreatment. The rapid churn in the market place  dictates that devices rarely break down due to component over utilisation,  the market for smart phones being largely dictated by technology pull rather than consumer push.

If you have a mobile phone with an electrical fault and need a data recovery service then contact Datlabs help line.

Mobile Phone Faulty Screens.

Part of our research at Datlabs is “why products fail “. If determined from our analysis there is a likelyhood that failures of specific product types are to become commonplace then this assists us in forward planning.

A recent “look see” into common smart phone failures revealed a pattern of non-responsive or broken mobile smart phone touch screens, so why is this?

In attempting to answer this question we first considered the underlying touch screen technology used in the various products.

The two most common technologies used in the manufacture of touch screens (not specifically mobile phones) are “resistive” and “capacitive”.

Resistive Touch Screen

This technology from a smart phone perspective is now defunct but worth a mention as the technology is still used in basic products, typically ATM’s; and here’s why:

These screens literally “resist” your touch; if you press hard enough you can feel the screen bend slightly. This is what makes resistive screens work – two electrically conductive layers bending to touch one another. One of the layers is resistive and the other is conductive and they are separated by a gap of tiny dots called spacers to keep the two layers apart until you touch it. An electrical current runs through the resistive layer and when your finger hits the screen the two are pressed together and the electrical current changes at the point of contact. The software recognizes a change in the current at the specific coordinates and executes the function that corresponds with that particular point reference on the screen image. These touch screens are robust and consistent but are very limited in that the technology can only deal with a single co-ordinate function at a time. The screen material layers also reflect considerable amounts of light making them difficult to read in bright daylight.

Capacitive Mobile Phone Screen Technology.

Capacitive mobile phone touch screens use the electrical characteristics of your finger (skin) or a similar material to hold an electrical charge. Capacitive touch screens are constructed from materials that store electrical charges in an electrostatic grid of tiny wires, each smaller than a human hair. When your finger hits the screen a tiny electrical charge is transferred from the screen to your finger and completes an electric circuit producing a voltage drop on the specific co-ordinate reference on the screen. This is why your screen refuses to function when you wear gloves. Capacitive screens don’t work when you wear everyday ordinary gloves for example. There are two main types of capacitive touch screens – surface and projective. Surface capacitive uses sensors at the corners and a thin evenly distributed film across the surface, whereas projective capacitive uses a grid of rows and columns with a separate chip for sensing.

Mobile Phone Screen Damage.

In both cases mentioned above vigorous poking at the screen when it fails to respond tends to cause damage to the screen technology. Touch screens can also become faulty if in contact with liquids and water. When using a smart phone touch screen it is well to keep in mind that the screen itself is an electrical component and is not to be treated in an inappropriate manner.

Screen Smudging.

Touchscreen responsiveness can be adversely affected by skin oils deposited by your fingertips. The visible effects of fingerprint oils can be seen on most smartphones. Developments to reduce oil residue include matte-finish anti-glare screen protectors that do not retain smudges.

Alternative and New Technology.

In response to new requirements of accuracy and responsiveness manufacturers are developing new or complementary technologies i.e. Infrared grid, Infrared acrylic projection, optical imaging, dispersive signal technology, acoustic pulse recognition and notably 3D Touch used in the iPhone 6. (we will keep an eye out for any problems that develop ).


Mobile Phone Screen Protectors.

There is a good case for using good quality, compatibility approved screen protectors.

If you have a failed smart phone screen and need your files and folders then contact our customer service team here.

We now include Mobile Phone Repair and Recovery in our portfolio of services. We have the technology to tackle micro electronic circuit repair in order to retrieve vital data from inaccessible mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

Galaxy water damage.

Yes !  it happens to the best of us. A customer dropping in at our Bristol Office wanted her family pictures recovering from a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone that would not switch-on, the mobile phone having been dropped in a toilet. Datlabs Customer Services asked that the phone be placed in a sealed bag by her and robustly packed ready for courier transport to our main labs in Manchester. this was attended to and the phone was shipped that day.

Receiving the  Phone.

The number of Mobile phones we receive at our Manchester labs that have been dropped down or into a toilet is legion. In handling devices that have been in contact with bodily fluids and such we have a responsibility to protect our staff under health and safety at work imperatives. We therefore always ask of our customers that they  declare in a forthright manner the circumstances involved in any water or liquid damage event such that our staff are not placed at risk.  Luckily we have a relatively good percentage success in cases involving mobiles phones that have been water damaged. Once received the Samsung Galaxy was unpacked by appropriately attired staff, dis-assembled into its main component parts, and immediately placed in one of our desiccated enclosures to dry overnight, the battery being ear marked for environmental disposal.

Samsung Galaxy Repair.

Having been thoroughly dried, each item was individually sterilised and tested by subsystem. The  water logged screen was found to be damaged irreparably and a new item from stock was required. The main circuit board was cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, then tested and found to be in working order. The main phone unit was reassembled, a new battery fitted and the phone powered on successfully.

Galaxy Data Recovery.

Once the Galaxy had been returned to a working state we used our specialist test gear to access the memory areas of the device (having been advised by the customer of the password ).  The files, folders, pictures etc were then transferred to our off line test computers , verified and loaded onto a memory stick.

Returning Mobile Phone Data.

Once ALL  the data available had been verified, including the customers family pics , our Customer Services techs took payment and packaged the items up for return . the whole process having taken only three days from end to end to complete.

If you have a similar problem then contact our mobile phone data recovery help desk.