HDD Acoustic Attack

Hard Disk Drives Damaged By Acoustics

Acoustic Damage to Hard Disk Drives The use of sonic and ultrasonic sound waves as a strategic weapon is nothing new however recent applications have shown that they can be used to disrupt the operation hard disk drives (HDD) used in Computers,…
seagate_vr power hard disk drive

Seagate Portable Hard Disk Drive with Power Unit

Seagate Portable Hard Disk Drive with Power Unit. Seagate has developed a strap-on portable drive and battery combo for HTC's Vive Focus virtual reality headset.Seagate Technologies new VR Power Drive is a strap on portable hard disk drive…
Datlabs Data Recovery Office Finder

Datlabs Data Recovery Location Information

We Are Making Changes! Our business expansion and improvement plans mean there are changes to our UK footprint:UK Local offices are affected as follows:-Temporarily Closed: Bristol, Reading, Southampton/Portsmouth.Business as usual: …
ultrastar helium hard disk drive

Helium Hard Disk Drive Manufacture

Helium Hard Disk Drive Manufacture. The ambient air in standard hard disk drive enclosures adversely affects read/write performance and produces vibrations in operation that hinder efficiency.  Filling a hard drive enclosure with lower density…
HGST Helium Hard Drive

Helium Filled Hard Disk Drive Reliability

Helium Hard Disk Drives at Altitude Following  on from recent system problems, scientists  involved in the Event Horizon Telescope project have announced that they will be using helium-filled hard drives from Western Digital’s HGST division…

Future of Toshiba Hard Drive Manufacture

The future of Toshiba hard drive manufacture iPhone assembler  Foxconn Technology Group representatives are to meet President Donald Trump in Washington. Foxconn is considering building a highly automated manufacturing plant facility in America…
Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Manchester

Toshiba High Reliability 8 TB Hard Drive

Toshiba High Reliability 8 TB Hard Drive. Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) has launched the  MG Series of Hard Disk Drives.  The inaugural offering provides a substantial capacity of 8TB  of storage for the needs of business…

Seagate Large Capacity Hard Disk Drives

Seagate Large Capacity Hard Disk Drives. Large capacity hard disk drive data storage is available from Seagate Iron Wolf, Barracuda and Sky Hawk 10 TB  product ranges. 12TB helium filled hard disk drive products are in the final stages of…

Very Small Computer Chips

Very Small Computer Chips. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory say they have discovered a new way to make transistors below 20 nanometres in size.With current materials technology smaller than 5nm in size results in a quantum mechanical…
London Area Graphic
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hard drive recovery service london

Hard Drive Data Recovery Service London Datlabs data recovery services at both our London locations, Lombard Street and Chiswick Park have  got off to a flying start. With customers dropping off in the morning we aim to deliver a next day…