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Is Santa Real ?


The main causes of doubt as to the existence of Santa are:

“If Santa exists why are there no evidence of sightings “

The explanation is obvious to anyone with half a grain of common sense in that with over 60 billion homes to visit in the matter of a couple of hours on one night of the year, Santa’s sleigh must have both hyper drive and time warp capabilities.

“How does he get down the chimney particular when my chimney is blocked.”

Santa can teletransport into anyone’s bedroom and deliver the presents and be back on his sleigh in nano seconds.

” Santa’s sleigh cannot possibly hold all the presents for all the children in the world,  presents are really delivered by parcel farce hidden by my parents who then  sneak into my room”

Yeah Right !! couriers fail to deliver at the best of times  and then leave at the depot.   It is obvious that Santa is way ahead of the game and has the most sophisticated order data base and logistics anywhere in the Galaxy and uses instant  on site manufacturing techniques.

“Ok this is the killer .. Santa must consume billions  of calories worth of mince pies in the space of a couple of hours and must be the size of a super tanker “

Ho Ho Ho  what a ridiculous comment with all that technology he NEEDS all those calories as an intergalactic power source. If you are unsure on this just ask NASA.


QED Santa is real and coming to YOU  and a house near you  very soon.



A light hearted look at how things have changed in comparison
to other earth shattering events such as the UK petrol price.

Datlabs your data recovery solutions provider working harder for less
and keeping customers happier than ever.


THEN (2004)NOW (2016)
Desk Top HDD  160 GBytesDesk Top HDD  8 TBytes
Seagate 160 GBytes= £120Seagate 8 TBytes= £300
Mobile Phone 1 MbytesMobile Phone 64 GBytes
Smart Phones Shipped= 0MSmart Phones Shipped =350 M
Petrol =80p/LitrePetrol =114p/Litre
Av Data Recovery =£750Av Data Recovery=£395

Hard Drive History


Above is a photo taken in 1956 of a 5MB hard drive being loaded onto a Pan AM aeroplane, the  device weighed 2000 lbs. This  picture illustrates the strides that have made in the last half century developing data storage technology and computing.

Where to next ?

Samsung Tablet Data Recovery

Datlabs Recover data, not just from mobile phones  but from most solid state mobile devices such as tablets. We recently received a Samsung GT-P3100 Galaxy Tablet from a customer who reported the device was getting full and as a result it was not usable for very long  and had stopped tasking taking charge.

On diagnosis the device showed signs that there was a battery problem and the device appeared dead. Our technicians have access to a wide range of test gear , tools and applications including a huge library of   cables and connectors which they then used to set about attempting to recover the customers data. Following a couple of basic repair steps our technicians used our “Cellebrite”  suite  to successfully enter download mode and then transferred all the data from the device on to a memory stick .

Samsung Data Recovery

Samsung Data Recovery