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CCTV Evidence Recovery.

Datlabs retrieve files from damaged and faulty multiplexed CCTV recording equipment using forensic procedures. Typically we  process CCTV equipment that has suffered as a result of environmental issues such as fire, flood, electrical and/or malicious damage and prepare SFR 1 reports in accordance with the Forensic Science Regulator guidelines.

CCTV Evidence Recovery Specialists.

Our technicians are particularly skilled in recovering data from CCTV DVR  hard drives that are faulty. We recover video and audio recordings, typically involved in false insurance claims, damage to property, criminal damage, break-in, theft, assault, etc., and all matters where CCTV recordings are required by those undertaking formal investigations.

Hikvision CCTV Unit Recovery

What Datlabs  do with CCTV Evidence.

Datlabs technicians work with video recording data from CCTV systems, mobile phones, cameras, video recorders etc. Undertaking the following:-

  • Recovery of data from damaged recording equipment
  • Recovery of corrupt recordings
  • De-multiplexing – separation of multi-camera images
  • Make recordings with universal viewers
  • Extraction of frame captures
  • Duplications and packages of exhibits, including jury image bundles
  • Digital encryption to prevent un-authorised duplication or digital editing of exhibits
  • Masking of innocent parties
  • Digital Forensic Services Reporting.

We also offer a video investigation service, including analysis to discover non-obvious evidence; vehicle identification; speed estimate calculations; suspect height and build estimates; suspect and vehicle route identification; marking and tracking of subjects; and magnifying areas of interest.

Why we do it?

It is a fundamental principle of our Criminal Justice System that only the guilty are convicted of offences.

The forensic retrieval of video data is a prerequisite to the analysis and unambiguous presentation of evidence,

CCTV camera systems record events accurately and dispassionately as witness to all that it is before it and as long as the recordings are clear they can serve as vital unequivocal evidence in legal matters.

Admissibility and the potential value of CCTV evidence is however dependent on the forensic processes and procedures used in its acquisition.

CCTV technology has changed dramatically post 2003/4 and as a consequence, forensic video practitioners from within the Law Enforcement and Private sectors have had to undergo extensive training in both the acquisition and processing of digital media.

“Resolution, compression, optical defects, lighting conditions, atmospheric conditions, aspect ratio , motion blur, may introduce barriers to reliable interpretation, Failure to recognise the limitations imposed by image resolution itself, means that there must exist, an inherent difficulty in attaching a a degree of  confidence in CCTV evidence.” Preparing and presenting CCTV recordings as evidence is therefore the role of a specialist.    The role of Datlabs is to acquire the base line data in a manner that cannot be disputed and as a pre-requisite to analysis.

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