CCTV Evidance Data

CCTV Forensic investigation.

Datlabs forensic analysis of CCTV equipment and recordings can provide crucial evidence in matters involving civil dispute and criminal proceedings. Evidence stored on CCTV Systems however needs to be treated in accordance with established protocols and procedures such that it can be attested to in a court of law. Dates, times, identity and contextual events can be significant in establishing facts.  Reports concerning the work we undertake offer vital assistance to  counsel and are an essential part of the forensic services we provide.

CCTV Data Recovery

In many cases the CCTV systems we are presented with are damaged or compromised. Our first task is to recover the video recorded data from the system hard disk drives or storage media. In this task our technicians will make and maintain forensic records of their work ensuring that non of their actions will change or alter what might be relied upon in court.

CCTV Image conversion

CCTV systems are proprietary in manufacture and configuration. Determining a systems data structures and converting these to any chosen portable viewing application without compromise is a challenging and complex operation. There are a multitude of CCTV Systems manufacturers and suppliers that just “don’t seem to talk to one another”.

CCTV Data Recording Integrity

Data recordings requiring visual investigation may spend many hours being carefully prepared by Datlabs technicians before any forensic analysis work actually takes place. This is to ensure that recordings are not altered or cropped in anyway by the multitude of compression techniques used.

Multiplexed CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems will cater for many camera input channels typically 16, 32 or 64. De-multiplexing camera channel recorded data to allow a continuous time and event flow on a media player is an essential feature of our work and in many cases can be facilitated with system emulation software. Where there is no emulator available or data structures will not allow then specific scripts are needed to separate out specific channels for continuous viewing.

Presenting CCTV evidence at Court

Enhancement of CCTV video formatted recordings for the purpose of facial recognition, colour recognition, NPR etc., can greatly improve the prospects of positive identification concerning a specific incident. Our experts are able to forensically handle and rescue media from damaged CCTV systems, render deleted and corrupt video images and make these suitable for forensic viewing and presentation at court.

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