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Datlabs provides CCTV evidence recovery services involving the discovery and examination of files stored on CCTV systems and digital recording equipment. We are a leading service provider in the field of digital and computer forensics with fully equipped secure workshops and facilities. Our experienced CCTV Recovery Services technicians and analysts retrieve files from damaged and faulty multiplexed CCTV recording equipment using forensic procedures.

CCTV Recovery Services.

We secure, record, inspect, analyse and investigate CCTV camera recordings involved in civil and criminal legal proceedings. We will deal with all  CCTV video and image evidence recovery in matters involving fraud, insurance claims, surveillance, criminal damage, break-in, burglary, dispute, trespass etc., and all matters where CCTV camera recordings need legal representation.

CCTV Recordings and Forensic Investigations.

Having acted for law enforcement, police and in civil disputes our technicians are able to prepare evidence, witness statements and reports. Datlabs has undertaken work for many UK Police Authorities and Insurance Claims investigators helping to secure successful outcomes.

CCTV Evidence Recovery Specialists.

Our technicians are particularly skilled in undertaking CCTV Recovery Services where equipment and hard disk drives (HDD’s) have suffered, corruption, damage, deletion and misuse. Typically fire, water damaged, misused, maltreated equipment, inaccessible or deleted data files.