Datlabs Customer Testimonials

Data Recovery Services Customer Testimonials

Datlabs values its customers and some of them have kindly shown their appreciation of  our services by providing a few brief comments of how well they have been treated and how much they in turn have valued our services.

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Faulty Hard Drive

“I am more than satisfied with the service, I found DATLABS to be the cheapest and most professional data recovery company on the market.”

Sarah StanmoreSheffield

Portable Hard Drive

“I was delighted with the service, DATLABS recovered all of my pictures, music and files.”

Nathalie LefevreNice (France)

Android photo recovery

I accidentally deleted the photo book from my Samsun Galaxy. It had all my holiday photos in it. Datlabs did a great job in getting them all back.


Samsung Galaxy Factory Reset

I lost access to my pics, contacts and messages after a factory reset, Datlabs said there was a slim chance they could do a recovery and would take look.. I posted it off to them and they managed to get all my info back ! Top service


Back-Up Hard Drive

“Thank you DATLABS for recovering ALL our honeymoon and family photographs. Really nice guys to deal with!……”

David ChattertonLondon

Wirral Clicking Hard Drive

Our customer had a clicking hard drive. His military memories were lost. It needed specialist clean room attention. We referred him to Datlabs who recovered all his data and returned his files  on a new external hard drive. One happy customer  !

Proper Geeks

Dropped Laptop

“I dropped my laptop running for the train and the hard drive started clicking, Datlabs solved the problem and rescued my data. Excellent data recovery service, fast, efficient and friendly!”

Ali AhmedPlymouth

Repaired Hard Drive

“Datlabs repaired my Hard Disk rescuing my manuscripts. Professional Service ! ”

Tom HardyKing Emperor Publidshing

Flood Damage

“I was delighted with the service, DATLABS recovered all of my pictures, music and files.”


Drobo Gen 2 not working

“Whilst transferring files from my four disk drive Drobo Gen 2 it stopped working and would no longer boot. The unit reported a solid red capacity light on drive number 4. I tried the disks in a new Drobo with no success. The Drobo help desk informed me that the system was in data protection mode and NOT protected against a single drive failure. They identified drive 3 as being faulty and advised that I duplicate the drive and try this which I did but this failed as well. Drobo help desk told me that 3 of my 4 drives are OK but as it was striped I had lost all my data. I was looking at a disaster as All my client contacts and orders were on the system. I contacted Datlabs who successfully rebuilt the system using the original drive set and recovered all my data. They are truly geniuses at what they do!”

Ahmed AzizGreat Star International

LG G4 Android H815 Faulty.

My Smartphone was not taking charge and would not boot. Datlabs techs said that with the LG G4s it was not a problem for them. Datlabs connected a bypass battery power source and in firmware upgrade mode extracted all my data and returned it to me on a memory stick.


water damaged iPhone 5

I dropped my iPhone in the salon bowl doing a rinse off, It would not turn on, no matter what I tried. I popped into the Datlabs office, Elliot cleaned it up and got all the pics of me and the partner back.

JonDavid Allen Cutz

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