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Data Recovery Services Chiswick + West  London.

Datlabs Data Recovery Services;  Hard disk drive repair and hard disk drive data recovery of files, folders, pics and accounts data etc.  We specialize in recovering data from faulty computer hard drives, clicking and buzzing external hard drives that have been knocked,  dropped and are now not recognized by your OS.

We repair damaged,  boot-looped and bricked Mobile Phones,  accessing your mobile phone flash memory and transferring your data, contacts, pics and other data to a memory stick ready for you to restore.

Datlabs data recovery technicians have a wealth of experience in rebuilding and restoring RAID configured Servers and NAS Systems. We maintain a CRASH Team capability available 24×7 to get businesses back up and running following any disaster situation.

We have  fully equipped  workshops, clean air facilities, qualified and experienced technicians capable of recovering data from ANY digital storage device such as Laptops, Notebooks, iPads, Computers, CCTV Recorders, Portable hard drives and memory sticks.

Datlabs are the industry leading specialists in the field of recovering data from  multi channel CCTV recording equipment.  under any file and operating system.

Datlabs Data Recovery Chiswick Park office

Customers are welcome to call in at our local office at Chiswick Park which offers convenient parking and reception facilities.  Our Chiswick Park Office is open week days from 0800-1700 (we do not open week-ends and our customer services help desk will be happy to arrange a FREE courier collect from your home or business .

On arrival at reception please call: 0800 008 6638. Our staff will complete a secure data base entry and allocate a unique job reference number that will ensure you get the best possible attention and assistance  when are processing your job.

Our data recovery services are successful in the most challenging of circumstances i.e. physically damaged equipment, water damaged and fire damaged devices are typical of cases we deal with. We  maintain data recovery success rates for the industry that are second to non.

Datlabs Data Recovery Service Help Desk.

Datlabs can be contacted via our:-

  • Advertised FREE phone Call: 0800 008 6638.
  • Secure online chat facility.
  • Call Back Request.

Datlabs Data Recovery Services are available 0800 through till 1700 on week days and  OOH on call through till 2200 most evenings and week ends for emergency situations.

Data Recovery Service.

Datlabs  data recovery technicians have a wealth of experience involving data loss situations and will be able to advise on your particular problem and if possible how to resolve it. Given the information you have provided they will then offer you a quotation either verbally or by email. They will also draw your attention to our standard terms and conditions of service and offer a mutual confidentiality agreement to cover situations involving  specific commercial sensitivities.

Free Courier Collection.

In most cases we are able to provide a free UK courier collect service. (there are exemptions so please clarify).  Your courier service will be arranged  from your home or office location and you will be advised of a job tracking number and also address and contact details

You can also drop your equipment off at the Chiswick Park Office locations but please pack your equipment robustly against damage in shipping.

Please note that Datlabs bears no liability for loss of equipment or data and that all equipment and storage equipment we receive is effectively faulty or  damaged so if your equipment and data has a perceived value than please consider insuring your goods and stored data against loss.

Emergency Data Recovery Services.

Datlabs specialise in resolving emergency data loss situations and have an experienced, dedicated data recovery and restore team who are on-call 24 x 7 to deal with hard drive failure and crashed multi disk RAID configured servers and storage systems.

Mobile Phone Repair and Data Recovery Chiswick and West London

We will repair and recover your data from faulty, physically damaged, bricked and water damaged  mobile phones and tablets. All damaged and electronically faulty mobile phones and tablets require micro solder stations, digital oscilloscopes, specialist test gear and expertise only available at our central laboratories.  A service diagnosis is normally available next day and where possible your data will be recovered within the week.  Click here for more information concerning Datlabs Data Recovery Mobile Phone data recovery services.

Datlabs Data Recovery Chiswick repair damaged and faulty mobile phones recovering your pics, contacts etc  and returning them to you on a memory stick ready to be restored. We service all makes and models of mobile phone including ;- Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Alcatel etc.,

Mobile Phone Data Recovery London

Transport and Drop-In

Datlabs  Data Recovery Chiswick Office.

Mobile Phone and External Hard Drive Drop In at.
1 st Floor, Bldg 3.,
Chiswick Park.
566, Chiswick High Road.
W4 5YA.

Datlabs Data Recovery Services available 0800 through till 1700 on week days

FREE Courier in London Area to arrange Call: 020 7111 0965.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We recover files, folders and pics from ALL failed hard drive products running Windows, Mac O/S and Linux. Our Data Recovery workshops can recover data from your damaged, corrupt, clicking hard disk drive, buzzing hard drive or simply dead hard drive. Datlabs partner with major hard drive manufacturers Seagate and Western Digital to ensure we have up to the minute hard drive data recovery solutions and maintain hard drive repair and recovery success rates that are the envy of the industry.

We recover data from all solid state integral storage technology and computer solid state drives (SSD’s) found in many notebooks, ipads, and laptop computers.

External Hard Drive Repair and Recovery

Datlabs successfully repair and recover data from many hundreds of faulty external hard drives of all makes and models. The physical size and use of these devices renders them vulnerable to knocks,drops, liquid damage, electrical and mechanical failure. The most common symptom is that the devices are not recognized by the host computer and are making a buzzing or clicking sound.  At Datlabs data recovery service centre our technicians will immediately diagnose the exact nature of the problem. Following on they will then replace faulty components, reprogram the drive, extract and test the data and copy this to a new and reliable compatible portable drive type ready to be returned to your home or business address.

Hard Drive Failure Types Explained:-

Hard Drive Failures can be broadly described as follows.

  • Mechanical Hard Drive Failure

This is by far the most common hard disk drive  failure type dealt with by the Datlabs Data Recovery service team of technicians.  The  hard disk drive will normally exhibit a clicking  sound associated with a read write head failure or a beeping sound as a result of a seized spindle motor and the Hard Drive will fail to become ready.

  • Hard Drive Electrical Failure

The hard drive is  completely dead , will not spin -up or become ready. .

  • Hard Drive Firmware or Service area Corrupt

the symptoms can be be manifest but generally the Hard Drive will become ready or will show as a different drive type.

  • Hard Drive Bad Sectors.

This is another common failure type dealt with by the Datlabs Data Recovery service team of technicians.  The  hard disk drive will normally be slow to respond as it is dealing with a mass of internal fault reports. In a majority of cases files and folder names will be present but accessing content will not be possible.

NAS Repair and Recovery

Datlabs has addressed the burgeoning need to rebuild and recover small business storage and home hub NAS systems;-

Netgear, Buffalo, Synology Diskstation, ASUSTOR, QNAP,  HP, Lacie, WD My Cloud, WD Sentinel, Seagate NAS, Thecus, G RAID we have seen them all before and successfully recovered data from a multitude of failure situations.

RAID Server Rebuild and Recovery

We are industry leading  experts  in rebuilding and recovering data from  failed RAID configured systems. Our dedicated RAID recovery team specializes in rebuilding failed RAID 5, failed RAID 6, RAID  0, RAID 1 and RAID 1 0. If you are a Business or Home User with a crashed or corrupt RAID, Server or NAS system then we have competitively priced service options to suite your needs.

Data Recovery Labs and Workshops

We operate best in class clean air facilities and anti-static ESD compliant workshops that are  fully equipped with leading edge data recovery tools and test gear used by trained and qualified staff that  maintain data recovery success rates second to non. We have recently upgraded our lab facility to recover files, folders, pics, contacts and recordings from damaged and contaminated mobile phones and tablets. All makes, models and chipsets.

Digital Forensics, Evidence Discovery and Recovery

Datlabs has a Digital Forensic Investigations (computer forensics)  department who  deal with data recovery in a forensic  environment,  compliant with processes that allow the data recovered to be submitted as evidence in a court of law. Crime caught on CCTV, Mobile Phone, Computer Misuse, Fraud, Dispute and all civil and criminal matters.

Datlabs Customers

Datlabs is the preferred supplier of many blue chip companies and the Datlabs Client base is exceptional. We serve business and home users in Bromley, Croyden, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Harrow, Hounslow, Lewisham, Richmond and Westminster. If you are a Business or Home User in the London Area with a crashed or corrupt mobile phone tablet, notebook, external, hard drive, RAID, Server or NAS system then we have competitively priced service options to suite your needs. You can drop off at one of  local offices or we will be pleased to arrange our free collect service.

Datlabs Data Recovery Services Overview

  • UK’s Leading Data Recovery Company

Datlabs Data Recovery is a long established company with the capability to perform the most complex hard disk drive , RAID Server data recovery procedures and mobile phone repair and data recovery. Click the link for more detailed information about our RAID data recovery services 

  • Simple Data Recovery Service Levels

Our Standard Services are normally performed within a  week to ten days , Priority Service within a three day window and Emergency Service work is attended to within hours of contact and recovered data can be available overnight or next day depending on the nature of the problem.

  • Data Recovery Success Rate Second to None

Datlabs Data Recovery Industry success rates are second to non and regularly reviewed  in order to maintain this position. .

  • No Data No Fee and Firm Costs

Datlabs provide a No Data No Fee standard service offering and  a firm quotation  with no hidden extras.

  • Datlabs Data Recovery Friendly Customer Services

Once you have booked your job in with our customer services desk, they will keep you updated via email or text until our work is complete and payments made.