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Data Recovery Equipment Recycling

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Datlabs Data Recovery Equipment Recycling Scheme.

Datlabs operates a Data Recovery Equipment Recycling  Scheme. During our initial diagnosis stage we will assess your  equipment as to its suitability for re-use. If the equipment and or its component parts can be re-used then our technicians will create a green flag on the data recovery case notes data base for the attention of our Customer Services Team. Once our processes have reached a conclusion customers whose cases are green flagged will be offered a discount in exchange for our retention and re-use of the equipment. Prior to any future re-use you will be formally advised that any data stored on the equipment has been securely and permanently  deleted.

Typical Equipment and Components suitable for Re-Cycling.

  • Hard Disk Drives.
  • Read write Head Assemblies.
  • Controller Cards.
  • Mobile Phone.
  • Mobile  Phone Screen.
  • Firmware.

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