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Hard Drive, Laptop, Mobile Phone and RAID Systems,

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Data Recovery Manchester.

Our Manchester data recovery service will retrieve inaccessible or deleted data from any make or model of failed Hard Drive, faulty Laptop, damaged or bricked Mobile Phone. We have a dedicated RAID system emergency team that are the UK’s acknowledged experts in repairing faulty server hardware (controllers and hard disks etc). The team rebuild and restore data from any failed RAID configured hard drive installation.  For immediate assistance and a  fixed price quotation call our emergency help desk or request an immediate call back.

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Data Recovery Manchester

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Manchester Data Recovery Workshops. 

Our Manchester laboratories and facilities are specifically designed and constructed for hard disk drive remedial work and are Class 100 and ESD compliant. They are  fully equipped with all the latest data recovery industry specific tools and test gear such as PC3K and many read write head removal and replacement tool sets. Our facilities and technical staff successfully deliver a cost effective data recovery service from ALL models of hard disk drive including Seagate, Samsung, Maxtor, Lacie, Freecom, Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba and many legacy models such as Fujitsu and IBM.

Clicking and Buzzing Hard Disk Drives.

Faulty Hard Disk drives that exhibit clicking or buzzing noises generally have a damaged read write assembly that requires replacement in order to return it to a working state.  The damage can be a consequence of a simple knock or drop that has resulted in the head contacting the recording media platters that rotate at 7000 rpm. The subsequent damage means the head assembly will not initially read data intended to control the operation of the drive. This malfunction produces an error and a number of retries under the control of the drive operating system that produce an audible clicking sound.  Our Manchester data recovery service center has an installed purpose built high tech walk-in Clean Air and ESD compliant facility that extends to over 1200 square feet. This facility is  equipped with specially designed tools for the  purpose of dis-assembling, decontaminating, repairing and rebuilding damaged hard disk drives. This facility  is necessary for,  amongst other things,   the  replacement of  precision hard disk drive read write heads. We have industry leading diagnostic applications and test gear and newly developed methods and procedures such as hard disk platter removal, cleaning and realignment. We are totally unique in our capability of recovering data from  damaged, corrupt, clicking and  buzzing hard disk drives and operate at unrivaled success rates. We work with  Seagate and Western Digital hard disk drives and have success rates that are the envy of the industry.  Find out more about recovering data from a clicking and buzzing hard drive

External Hard Drive Repair and Data Recovery.

Datlabs Manchester operations have recovered data from many hundreds of external hard drives such as Western Digital  MyPassport and Seagate Expansion. These hard disk drives are generally not recognized by  your PC or Laptop and exhibit a buzzing or clicking sound.  Once at our labs we find and remedy faults, extract and test the data and copy this to a new and reliable portable hard drive ready to be returned to you.

Recovering Data from Solid State Drives.

We have all the latest technology to repair NAND flash solid state drives (SSD’s) and integral flash memory storage (NVMe) installed in many laptop and tablet products.  SSD TRIM and Data Recovery Problems. Typical SSD products we recover data from:-

SSD’s Served by Datlabs

  • OCZ
  • PNY

Manchester Mobile Phone Data Recovery.

Our  Manchester Labs are industry leaders in  the micro repair and recovery of  data from Mobile Phones, Tablets,  Note Books,  Memory Sticks and SD Cards.  We deal with the latest mobile phone technology and are able to recover folders, pics, contacts , audio and video recordings from damaged,  water and liquid contaminated mobile phones and tablets. All makes, models and chip-sets recovered and your data returned to you on a new memory stick.

Mobile Phone Faults

  • Liquid and Water Damage
  • Deleted Files
  • Failed Update
  • Damaged / Faulty Screen
  • Damaged Connectors
  • Not Charging
  • Dead Devices

Manchester Mobile Phone Recovery

Mobile Phone Recovery

Mobile Phones Recovered

  • Apple iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Sony Xperia
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Google Pixel
  • Alcatel

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