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Hard Drives,  Laptop, RAID, NAS  and Mobile Phones.

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West Mids Area Free Courier Collect Hard Drive, Laptop, Mobile No Data No Recovery Fee Unrivaled Success Rates Express Service Available Data Recovery Price Starts @ £95 ex VAT.

Wolverhampton Data Recovery.

Datlabs provide a professional data recovery service in Wolverhampton and the West Midlands. We  fix  all models of  hard drives and rebuild failed RAID systems. We work with Seagate, Samsung, Maxtor, Lacie, Freecom, Western Digital, Hitachi, and Toshiba. Datlabs  are  recommended by  Apple Stores for the repair and recovery data from Mac Book, G-RAID,  G-Technology, iPad and iPhone product ranges.  We  maintain a unique clean air and ESD compliant workshop facility that specializes in the micro repair and recovery of  data from faulty Flash Memory devices such as Solid State Drives and  Mobile Phones. if you have lost access to your stored data then simply call our freephone help desk for assistance.

All Apple Products

SSD Tablet Data Recovery

You Contact Datlabs Wolverhampton.

  • You Contact our Help Line
  • We provide a Free Consultation.
  • You Receive  a Firm Quotation
  • We arrange a Courier  to Collect
  • We  Schedule Your  Case.

We Rescue Your Data.

  • We  Diagnose  Your Faulty Device.
  • You Receive our Diag Report
  • You Agree costs and timescales
  • We Fix  Faults and Access Your Data
  • Your Data is placed in Temp Store

We Validate and Return

  • Data is Validated and Checked.
  • You are sent a list of  available files.
  • You Accept the File Listing.
  • Your  Payment is Received.
  • Your Data is  Shipped to You

Hard Drive Data Recovery.

We recover data, files, folders, emails, contacts etc.,  from ALL makes and models of failed hard drives.  Datlabs specialize in rebuilding damaged, corrupt and clicking hard disk drives.  We partner with major hard drive manufacturers such as Seagate and Western Digital to ensure we have up to the minute hard drive data recovery solutions and maintain hard drive repair and recovery success rates that are the envy of the industry.  We are the recognized industry leaders in recovering data from all solid state integral storage technology and computer solid state drives (SSD’s) found in many notebooks, ipads, and laptop computers. We are recommended for Data Recovery by Apple Stores.

External Hard Drive Repair and Data Recovery.

Each year Datlabs repair and recover data from many hundreds of faulty external hard drives of all makes and models. The physical size and use of these devices renders them vulnerable to knocks,drops, liquid damage, electrical and mechanical failure. The most common symptom is that the devices are not recognized by the host computer and are making a buzzing or clicking sound. At the Datlabs data recovery service centre our technicians will immediately diagnose the exact nature of the problem whilst you wait. Following on they will then replace faulty components, reprogram the drive, extract and test the data and copy this to a new and reliable compatible portable drive type ready to be returned to your home or business address. Find out more about Datalbs External Hard Drive Data Recovery Service.

Clicking and Buzzing Hard Disk Drives.

Our Data Recovery workshops can recover data from your damaged, corrupt, clicking hard disk drive, buzzing hard drive or simply dead hard drive. Working with Seagate and Western Digital we have up data data recovery success rates that are the envy of the industry.  Find out more about recovering data from a clicking and buzzing hard drive

External Hard Drive Repair and Data Recovery.

Datlabs have recovered data from many hundreds of faulty portable or external hard drives. These hard drives are generally not recognized by  your PC or Laptop and exhibit a buzzing or clicking sound.  Once at our labs we find and remedy faults, extract and test the data and copy this to a new and reliable portable hard drive ready to be returned to you.

Clicking Hard Drive.

noisy hard drive

Clean Room Repair

Laptop SSD Strip-down

Laptop Repair Service

Wolverhampton Mobile Phone Repair and Recovery.

Our labs are fully equipped to deal with the latest solid state mobile phone technology. Our labs recover data, files, folders, pics, contacts , audio and video recordings from damaged and contaminated mobile phones and tablets. All makes, models and chipsets.

Wolverhampton Mobile Recovery

Mobile Phone Recovery

Mobile Phone Faults

  • Liquid and Water Damage
  • Deleted Files
  • Failed Update
  • Damaged / Faulty Screen
  • Damaged Connectors
  • Not Charging
  • Dead Devices

Mobiles Recovered

  • Apple iPhone
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Sony Xperia
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • Google Pixel
  • Alcatel

Returning your Data.

The quality of the extracted data is manually checked by our data recovery technicians. Once the data has been validated we will send you an email file list for you to check. Once you are satisfied with the content we will transfer your data to an external hard disk drive or equivalent storage media ready for transport or collection.

Datlabs will retain a copy of your recovered data for upto 14 days just in case there is a problem with the data we returned to you. For your own security and peace of mind all copies of any data stored on the hard disk are securely erased.

Computer Investigations and Forensic Evidence.

Datlabs has a Digital Forensics  Laboratory  experienced and capable of recovering evidence data from devices involved in criminal and civil dispute.  Typically crime caught on CCTV, Computer Misuse, Fraud, Dispute and all civil and criminal matters.

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