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Datlabs Free UK Courier Collect

Free UK Courier Collect

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Data Recovery 


Hard Drive,  External Hard Drive , Laptop.   

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0800 008 6638

Hard Drive SSD and Laptop Free Courier Collect Free Evaluation Industry Leading Success Rates Express Service Available Data Recovery Prices From £195 ex VAT

Professional  Data Recovery. 

If you have lost  access to  valuable  data stored on your hard drive then you need to use someone with the right capabilities to help you  get it back. Here at Datlabs we have all the latest technology at hand to fix your Hard Drive, External Hard Drive or  Laptop.  Once fixed your   data is validated and transferred to a new hard drive or memory stick and returned to you.

Datlabs  Data Recovery Support Team. 

Whether Hard Drive, SSD or Laptop, the Datlabs Team are here to help you. Datlabs data recovery technicians have a wealth of experience involving data loss situations and will be able to advise on your particular problem and if possible how to resolve it.

How We Recover Your Data  

Our work involves restoring your  faulty device or system to a working condition in order to regain access to its non volatile data storage technology. (non volatile simple means that the device retains its data when electrical power is removed ) Once this work is completed satisfactorily, specialist test equipment is then used to read and transfer the blocks of data to a stable and secure offline data storage facility.  Further work is then carried out to verify and restore data structures and integrity. Finally your recovered data is tested and a file listing produced. This file listing describes the recovered data and is sent to you the customer for verification.  Once you have checked  and agreed the listings, a  fee is paid for our services and your data is transferred to a hard drive or memory stick and your data is returned to you its owner. Device encryption can be performed to protect your data in transit. We retain a copy  of your data for a period of 14 days after which it is automatically deleted.

Standard and Emergency Data Recovery.

Datlabs  offer Standard and Emergency Recovery Options.  With our  Standard Recovery our customer care team schedule your case with an expected 5-10 days completion.  With our Emergency Recovery your case is collected within hours and is worked on 24 x 7 until your data is ready for return shipping or otherwise.

  • STANDARD Data Recovery

  • YesTechnical Help Desk

    Yes Courier Collect & Drop-in

    YesNext Day Diagnosis

    YesFixed Prices

    YesNo Data No Recovery Fee

    YesRecovered Data File Listings

    YesSecure On-Line Payment

    YesData Transfer

    YesData Encryption.

    YesData Retained 14 days

    YesEquipment Recycling Scheme

  • EMERGENCY Data Recovery

  • YesImmediate Technical Support

    YesImmediate Fixed Price Quotation

    YesDedicated 24 x 7 CRASH Team

    YesExpress Courier

    YesDiagnosis Report and Timescales.

    YesFile Listings and Data Validation

    Yes Data Returned on New Media.

    YesData Stored for 14 Days

    YesAfter Sales Support

    YesInsurance Claim Reports

    YesEquipment Recycling Scheme

More about recovering data from your device type:-

Recovering Data from Hard Disk Drives. 

Rebuilding faulty and damaged Seagate hard drives or restoring Western Digital hard drive,  involves;

  • Swapping, repairing and reprogramming PCBs,
  • Substituting and testing ROM Chips
  • Diagnosis of  “Clicking” or “Buzzing” hard disk drives
  • Removal cleaning and re-alignment of hard disk platter assemblies.
  • Hard disk drive read write head replacement,  parts match and sourcing.
  • Once your hard disk drive is in temporary serviceable condition we then extract your data.

Learn more about:  Hard  Disk Drive Construction  and Datlabs Hard Drive Repair

Recovering Data From a faulty Portable Hard Drive.

Each year we repair and recover data from many hundreds of faulty external portable hard drives,  of all makes and models. The physical size and use of these devices renders them vulnerable to knocks,drops, liquid damage, electrical and mechanical failure.  Whatever the problem we will have seen it and remedied the problem many times before.

Recovering Data from Mobile Phones.

Our labs are fully equipped to deal with the latest smart phone technology. We recover data, files, folders, pics, contacts , audio and video recordings from damaged and contaminated mobile phones and tablets. All makes, models and chip-sets. Please visit Datlabs Mobile Phone Repair and Recovery page for more information.

NAS Repair, Rebuild and Data Recovery.

Datlabs have specialist capabilities to rebuild and recover data from most manufacturer specific NAS systems;-

Netgear, Buffalo, Synology Diskstation, ASUSTOR, QNAP, HP, Lacie, WD My Cloud, WD Sentinel, Seagate NAS, Thecus, G RAID we have successfully recovered data from a multitude of failure situations.

RAID Server Rebuild and Recovery.

We are industry leading experts in rebuilding and recovering data from failed RAID systems and faulty NAS systems. Our dedicated RAID recovery team specialize in in rebuilding failed RAID 5, failed RAID 6, RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 1 0. If you are a Business or Home User with a crashed or corrupt RAID, Server or NAS system then we have competitively priced service options to suite your needs.

We can rebuild and recover data from all RAID server systems and All hard drive types, including SCSI, SAS, SATA and SSD and most operating systems. such as Windows Server and Linux with RAID file systems such as NTFS, REFS , EXT, XFS, UFS, ZFS.

Returning Your Data to You.

The quality of the extracted data is manually checked by our data recovery technicians. Once the data has been validated we will send you an email file list for you to check. Once you are satisfied with the content we will transfer your data to an external hard disk drive or equivalent storage media ready for transport or collection.

Datlabs will retain a copy of your recovered data for up to 14 days just in case there is a problem with the data we returned to you. For your own security and peace of mind all copies of any data stored on the hard disk are securely erased.

Click here for  Information about Datlabs Business Partner Data Recovery Services  and Benefits.

Datlabs Data Recovery Office Locations 

Datlabs Data Recovery  Offices are open 0800 – 1700 on week days.   Call our Customer Service Desk for an  appointment and a reference number before dropping in.   With Emergency cases we attend within hours and will work on your equipment until your data is recovered

Datlabs London
Data Recovery Office

68 Lombard Street.
Near Bank Station
City of London.
T: 0207  293 0815

Datlabs Birmingham
Data Recovery Office

Grosvenor House,
11 St Pauls Square
B3 1RB.
T: 0121 629 0437

Datlabs Chiswick
Data Recovery Office

Bldg 3. Chiswick Park
566 Chiswick High Road.
W4 5YA.
T: 0207 111 0965

Datlabs Liverpool
Data Recovery Office

Horton House.
Exchange Flags.
L2 3PF.
T: 0151 676 0000.

Datlabs Manchester
Data Recovery Office

The Pavilions.
Bridgehall  Drive.
BL9 7NY.
T: 0161 452 3896.

Datlabs Leeds
Data Recovery Office

City West Business Park,
Gelderd Road.
LS12 6LN.
T: 0113 254 9742