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Secure Data Recovery Services.

Data is the currency of the Information age and when you lose access to it or it is misplaced, the consequences can be devastating. With today’s highly developed digital business and personal lifestyles, selecting a professional and accountable data recovery service company is therefore absolutely essential. Datlabs recognizes this imperative and regularly reviews its operational security capabilities in order to reassure its customers:-

Securely Managed Data Recovery Facility.

Datlabs, Customer Service Centre and Data Recovery Workshops and Laboratory are located in a securely gated location that benefits from 24 x 7 camera surveillance. The operation is in a self contained electronically shuttered and service alarmed building.

Your data storage equipment, Hard Drive, External Hard Drive, Mobile Phone or Tablet etc is attended to in our secure laboratory and workshops and your data is recovered to equipment and server equipment that is standalone. As a policy your data is not available or committed to the internet. File listings by necessity are communicated by email to our clients.

Standard Tracked Courier Collection and Delivery.

Datlabs logistics partner is Parcel Force a division of Royal Mail.  Our experience is that Parcel force are a careful , trustworthy and reliable carrier particularly of  computer and electronic items and have special delivery, insured item and collection options.

Emergency Point to Point Courier.

For transporting special cases such as forensic work, emergency business servers and the like, Datlabs partner with a discrete point to point carrier.

Secure Payment Gateway.

All our payment and customer service facility data bases are encrypted to the highest standards.  Under the Data Protection Act (GDPR)  we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.   All  your data storage equipment,  the personal details that you provide to us and the technical details are securely stored in an encrypted format and are not made available to others.


Datlabs maintain an operational capability that safeguards  your data from threats and loss by maintaining a comprehensive data security program. This capability is  designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of  data and to establish administrative, technical, and physical safeguards that protect against unauthorized access or use of this information. All members of  Datlabs staff  share in the responsibility for protecting the confidentiality and security of data whilst undertaking their duties.  These obligations are inherent in our standard terms and conditions of services,  for those requiring robust references we provide a mutual confidentiality agreement or will consider  a clients specific requirements in this respect.