Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensic Services


Hard Drives, Laptops,  CCTV and Mobile Phones.

Digital forensic Services Datlabs

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We undertake the recovery of evidence data from hard drives, computers, laptops, notebooks, mobile phones and CCTV recorders under legal  imperative

Computer Forensics

Mobile Phone Forensics

Hard Drive Forensics

CCTV Evidence Recovery

Digital Evidence.

Access to evidence stored on PC’s, Laptops, Notebooks, CCTV Recorders, Mobile Phones and Computer Systems can be made available by our specialists. Typically involving matters of civil dispute, fraud, financial mal-practice, insurance claims, loss adjustment, industrial injury etc.

Digital Forensic Service Terms and Conditions

It is essential that all engagements with a known forensic imperative are undertaken under specific terms and conditions. This is to establish issues of confidentiality, liability and to protect the interests of all parties involved.  Digital Forensic Data Recovery work cannot be undertaken under our standard commercial data recovery procedures and terms and conditions. It is in the interests of clarity that All our digital forensic work is conducted  under separate contractual  cover.

Faulty Equipment Forensic Recovery

We are industry specialists in providing solutions to clients with complex technical difficulties in retrieving data from badly damaged storage media, systems and equipment. Typically fire, water or electrically damaged equipment such as CCTV recording equipment, laptops, RAID Server Systems, Network Attached Storage systems, mobile phones etc. Malicious damage to both software and hardware also contribute to a major part of the workload. If you need data recovered from damaged equipment then call Datlabs for assistance.

Evidence Codes of Practice .

The science of computing and the laws of evidence are complex,  we therefore insist that in such matters  a protocol between the parties is established. To achieve this we will consult with a client in order to establish codes of practice consistent with the Forensic Science Regulators Guidelines.