Digital Forensic Services

Digital Forensic Services.

Evidence  Data Recovered from

Hard Drives, Computers,  Servers, CCTV Recorders and Mobile Phones,


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Digital Forensic Services.

Digital Forensic Services,  recovering evidence data from hard drives, computers, laptops, notebooks, mobile phones and CCTV recorders involved in matters of civil dispute and criminal investigations. We undertake digital evidence discovery, evidence recovery and disclosure  providing services under  the legal and regulatory imperatives required in legal and court proceedings.

Mobile Phone Evidence of Crime.

A mobile phone user can turn any incident into a Crime Scene by recording images,  audio, texts, apps data and/or call records.  Datlabs Data Recovery  work allows this data to be considered by prosecuting  or defence counsel as reliable evidence and to which we will bear witness of in court.

If you require assistance or further information regarding Datlabs Digital Forensic Services then please call our  forensics department directly on the number shown above or raise a call back request.

We act in All matters ,  typically: –

  • Family Matters

  • YesInfidelity

    YesDivorce Proceedings

    YesMatrimonial Dispute


    YesDomestic Violence

    YesCare Orders

    Yes Abuse


    YesIdentity Theft

    YesMedical Negligence


  • Corporate Matters

  • YesInsolvency


    Yes Employment Matters

    YesComputer Misuse

    YesIPR Theft.

    YesInsurance Loss

    Yes Fire.



    YesUnfair Dismissal

    YesBullying and Harassment

Evidence stored on PC’s, Laptops, Notebooks, CCTV Recorders, Mobile Phones, Computer Server Systems can be recovered by our specialists using forensic procedures, Data involved in legal proceedings such as criminal acts, civil dispute, fraud, financial mal-practice, insolvency, insurance claims and loss adjustment, industrial injury, professional standards. All matters requiring thorough investigation and where a robust representation of the facts is required.

Data Recovered as evidence  for legal proceedings.

Data recovery work leading to a possible submission of evidence, at court or to be cited in legal proceedings,  must conform to a strict code of practice.  It is vitally important that all items of evidence and work records, used or unused,  during a digital forensic investigation relevant or otherwise to the outcome of a case are securely recorded and retained. This code of practice is detailed by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS ) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).  It is essential that all engagements with a known forensic imperative must be undertaken under separate terms and conditions. This is to establish issues of confidentiality, liability and to protect the interests of all parties involved.  Digital Forensic Data Recovery and Computer Investigations work cannot be undertaken under our standard commercial data recovery procedures and terms and conditions.

Datlabs forensic services are provided under separate contractual cover  in association with Computer Science Labs, a separate operational division within the same group of companies. If you need assistance concerning evidence from computers, computer networks, mobile phones, CCTV systems etc., involved in dispute, fraud, matrimonial, insurance or criminal matters then contact our forensic services department.

Digital Evidence Discovery Service.

In addition to our digital evidence recovery and investigation services we also provide solutions to clients with complex technical difficulties in retrieving data from badly damaged storage media, systems and equipment. Typically fire, water or electrically damaged equipment such as CCTV recording equipment, laptops, RAID Server Systems, Network Attached Storage systems, mobile phones etc. Malicious damage to both software and hardware also contribute to a major part of the workload. If you need data recovered from damaged equipment then call Datlabs for assistance.

Digital Forensic Services

iPhone Forensics

Computer Forensic Investigation Service.

The science of computing and the laws of evidence are complex,  we therefore insist that prior to any  undertaking that we establish a protocol between parties involved. To achieve this we will consult with a client in order to:

  • Establish specific roles for individuals.
  • Identify where matters of evidence are likely to be located.
  • Undertake a case review.
  • Establish systems and material that relate to the case.
  • Plan the acquisition of data and reporting of information.
  • Estimate timescales and costs.
  • Present formal terms of engagement and confidentiality.

Acquiring Evidence.

Following our initial consultation and given your authority to proceed, we will disarm systems and components making it improbable for subsequent changes to be made to their content or configuration. Data collection is then undertaken with applications whose use is de-facto in forensic investigations involving information stored on computers.

The forensic acquisition of data from mobile phones and tablets requires specialist extraction equipment and procedures. Datlabs forensic operations use Celebrite U.F.E D. the forensic industry de-facto standard as used by Government and Law Enforcement. Learn more here about Datlabs mobile phone forensic operations and the challenges we face.

Securing Evidence.

In matters of evidence it is mandatory that a strict “chain-of-custody” is followed and all items are preserved should third party or further analysis be required. We use de-facto applications to recover and duplicate the suspect media. Using the duplicate media forensic experts will then investigate this for traces of evidence.

Evidence Data Analysis..

Our analysts operate under the instruction and guidance of you the client and your legal counsel. Our experts are able to advise, interpret and piece together information for you in a comprehensive manner, detailing events, computer usage and content etc., Using forensic image files we investigate all media content; altered, damaged, removed, hidden or deleted data from active, inactive or unused storage areas on the media. We also have the capability to provide the file history of content relevant to matters in hand.

Testimony and Reporting.

Once the investigation is complete we will support your case by preparing and submitting reports concerning the evidence found and the means by which it was discovered. We will also provide affidavits, testimony and reports.

Case Termination.

We will terminate our involvement by submitting the total data collected in a readable format either electronic, “print for archive” or to an existing litigation support database upon request. We will then consult on the storage and preservation of evidence in the event of appeal or review etc.