Data Recovery after mobile phone Factory Reset

What is a Mobile Phone Factory Reset?

Factory Reset is a built-in feature of mobile phones that will return all device settings, app data, user information and data to its original state. Most software and application issues can be fixed by performing a factory reset and this can help pin point rogue apps and updates that compromise the integrity and performance of your phone.

It is wise to give your phone a factory reset when you want to :-

• Protect your personal data before selling or re-cycling the phone.
• Improve the phone’s performance.
• Reset the pattern lock code and password.
• Fix the phone as it keeps freezing after system update.

What happens to my personal data and pictures after a factory reset?

Performing a factory reset on your phone will overwrite and/or prevent you from accessing the data stored in the phones internal flash memory and your phone will be returned to its initial default factory settings.

Is it possible to recover my data following a factory reset?

Users can be easily confused by the “return to factory settings” facility and its careless use can be catastrophic for those users who have not backed up or archived their data. With most new to market mobile phones a factory reset will initiate a new encryption algorithm for the data stored in the flash memory and the storage areas previously used will now be marked as available for use by the OS and hence any pre-loaded or newly loaded apps. This means that all your contacts, messages, call logs, images, videos, audios, documents, and other files stored in the phone will no longer be available.

Will a factory reset wipe my SD Card?

The Factory Reset function will only wipe the data from Android internal storage, and it won’t erase the files or app data saved in your SD card. If you back-up an Android mobile to your SD card you don’t have to worry about losing your pics.

Following a factory reset can my data be recovered by freely available means?

Where data is not over-written by the factory reset, the  answer is remarkably yes,  however the data recovered will be in an encrypted format and you will need a facility that can re-instate your unique encryption key or can initiate a brute force crack to unscramble the encrypted data. The bad news is that this sort of thing is not commercially available.

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