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Water Damaged Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones and Tablets are susceptible to accidents involving water and other liquids. The bathroom, the kitchen, the washing machine, the swimming pool and the Spa are prime accident black spots for our new hi-tech companions. Anointing them with wine, beer, tea, coffee and other beverages also seems a popular pastime. A love of liquids however is not a design feature of the average mobile phone and tablet device. Ingress onto the internal electronic components is the usual consequence and as we all know by now, liquids and electronic components are poor bed fellows. Water and liquids by nature are electrically conductive and will generally cause short circuits and component failure. Contamination caused by a drying process will also leave residues that can cause electrical problems.One of the most common failures due to the ingress of liquid is the failure of the battery, which can cause its contents to leach onto other components and cause corrosion.  Datalbs has methods, procedures and techniques that can deal effectively with mobile phones adversely affected by water and other liquids.

Mobile Phone Recovery

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Mobile Phone Electronic Component Faults

Attempting to connect your mobile phone to an incompatible power source can cause electrical damage. Placing your mobile phone on hot surfaces or prolonged exposure to hot sun can cause electrical damage.Typical failures include screen, mainboard or battery failure (leaking) et al. In cases of screen failure or charging port malfunction, we will attempt an expedient repair and subsequently recover the data via the logical (interface), (JTAG) or chip off recovery methods.

Faulty Android

Mobile Phone Screen Faults

Mobile devices are susceptible to mishap that can result in material damage . Mishaps include being knocked, dropped, sat on , run over, crushed etc., All of these can lead to material damage such as cracked screens, broken charging ports, damaged cable connectors and many more. Typically, in these cases our labs will de-solder the memory chips, use specialist equipment to extract any stored raw data and re-compile this into native file formats.

System Faults

Mobile Phone O S corruption is commonplace. Loss of power, fiddling during an upgrade or dodgy jail-breaking attempts to crack or hack applications are typical. For this type of failure we will attempt to rectify the “boot loop” or “bricked phone” and access the data in the normal manner. Alternatively we can employ specialist software to circumvent the fault and access the data.

Multimedia File Recovery

Deleted, Inaccessible or corrupt multimedia, photo’s, videos and audio are top of the list of our customers “must have” recovered files. Datlabs understands the sentimental and irreplaceable nature of such files and will make every effort to recover and restore them.

Mobile SMS & Contact File Recovery

Contacts lists, call logs, calendars, chat and sms (text) messages, Internet web-histories etc can be recovered. A file list in spread sheet format will be sent to you, you then confirm our findings are what you require. We are able to recover current and historical call and sms records, the example below illustrates this.

Mobile Phone Apps Data Recovery

Datlabs recover Apps files and data such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, GPS, Sat Nav., and many others. Our technical staff can also recover GPRS and Wi-Fi location info. If the application has been installed on the device then in most cases we can recover the data files created.

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