Flash Memory Data Recovery

Solid State Repair Capability

Datlabs  has the capability, equipment. tools, test gear and facilities to recover stored data from faulty and inaccessible solid state flash memory  devices. Devices that have suffered physical damage, unrecognised by the operating systems, un-mountable, shown as zero bytes  or the device asks you to format it then it may be possible  to  have the stored data recovered and transferred to a replacement or similar device.USB Flash drive, SD Card, Memory Stick or SSD hard drive  are inherently smaller and lighter than a mechanical equivalent, consume less power, immediately bootable and have relatively faster access times and higher storage density however no matter what type of storage device it is,  given sustained use it will sooner or later fail.

Flash Memory Data Retrieval

Installing and commissioning  a data retrieval facility for devices with solid state components involves relatively high capital and operational cost expenditures such as logic analysers, PCB rework stations and staff training.  Many advertisers of data recovery services do not have the capabilities or adequate expertise that will allow them to undertake effective data recovery from solid state devices and in some cases will make abortive attempts to repair using inadequate equipment and skills.  To recover data from flash devices you need specialist diagnostic equipment, rework stations , chip readers  and software applications.  Please note that where a solid state device supports embedded data encryption the stored data maybe recovered but without the encryption key and algorithm the retrieved data will be un-intelligible .Although there is a defined limit on the number of write cycles a device can support before it degrades and fails in most cases that are presented to Datlabs for recovery the failure is caused by either a faulty component or the device has suffered physical damage such as a detached connector.

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