The future of Toshiba hard drive manufacture

iPhone assembler  Foxconn Technology Group representatives are to meet President Donald Trump in Washington. Foxconn is considering building a highly automated manufacturing plant facility in America and is also an  interested party to Toshiba’s plans to sell its semiconductor unit and other assets that have implications for U.S. national security.

Foxconn’s current Chinese investment partnerships employing circa 1 million people are considered by Toshiba and The Japanese government as detrimental to any prospective bid for Toshiba’s “memory” business however closer links to revitalizing US manufacturing interests may serve to mitigate this position.

President Trump has repeatedly criticized Apple,  whom Foxconn  relies on for more than 50% of its revenue, for outsourcing manufacturing to Asia and elsewhere and threatened to impose stiff tariffs on Chinese imports.

You couldn’t write the script !


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