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G-RAID devices (Also known as G-Technology) are external storage systems designed and styled primarily for use with Apple products, they can also be reformatted so that they can be used with Windows PC’s.

G-RAID devices come in many different capacities and can be configured with a variety of RAID levels including RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5. Inside a G-RAID there are generally 2 hard drives, but they can however contain more in case of the enterprise class devices. The internal RAID controller deals with all the technical operations allowing users to experience easy, non-technical setup and fast data transfer.

Datlabs NAS technical specialists can repair, rebuild and recover data from all types of faulty G RAID products. A number of the typical G RAID faults and failures we recover from are listed below.

G RAID Applications

Media storage companies primarily use G-RAID devices for content creation; home users can also use them to store data in a portable form. They can be connected via a thunderbolt port which means that they are capable of very high data transfer speeds, this makes them appealing to Mac Pro and MacBook Pro users who develop and store media rich data.

G-RAID Example

G RAID Fault Symptoms

G-RAID Not Mounting

This could be the result of a variety of issues such as the G-RAID unit itself, firmware of hard drive related, if this has occurred we recommending ruling out the obvious such as cables and power leads. If these easy fixes do not help the problem maybe more severe.

G Raid Hrd Drive Failure

This failure is typically the fault of the G-RAID unit not coping correctly with a failed drive. If this occurs we recommend performing a full shut down of the unit and restart to try and gain access to the unit, if this fails, please consult our team.

G-Raid Firmware Failure

This is a tricky problem to have, we’ve heard of many cases of firmware updates going bad and causing data loss. In such a case we recommend a clone is taken of all drives before a firmware fix is implemented or to call out team.

G Raid Not Recognised

As above, firmware corruption to a NAS device can cause irreparable data loss, if you are looking to try a firmware update/fix on your device please ensure clones are taken of all associated drives to ensure data recover is still an option post firmware fix should a failure arise.

Flashing Light indicating Drive Failure

Flashing lights are never a good thing on a NAS and usually identify a serious problem. If your NAS is inaccessible and is displaying flashing lights please contact a professional or the supplier for help as this could be identifying one or more drives has an issue.

Windows Drive Format Request

This symptom again could be many things, however if your system is now asking for the device to be formatted this could be due to a logical failure such as corruption to the file system. Firstly we recommend ruling out the obvious possibilities such as cables and the computer you are connecting the device too. If these fail please get in touch for further assistance.

G Raid Dead No Power Indicator

If you are suffering from this failure please try another compatible power cable, if the unit is still non-responsive it could point to an electrical issue with the unit.

Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds can be bad news, but first consult your manual to see if such sounds are omitted by the device to indicate a status, if not them we recommend you power off the device immediately and call out team.

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Getting Help with your failed  G RAID.

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