Hard Drive Head Failure

Hard Drive Head Failure

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Hard Drive Head Failure

Hard drive head failure; replacement of defective hard drive read/write heads is now a major part of our data recovery activities. The following paragraphs explain the underlying technology and why the numbers are increasing.

The areal density, i.e. the mass of digital magnetic patterning per unit area, of hard disk drive platters has increased almost exponentially in-line with a demand for increased hard disk drive product storage capacity. This increase in areal density is a result of developments involving recording material science such as nano-patterned media and also the need to work within the fixed parameters of hard disk drive physical size formats.

To write and read magnetic patterns in such close proximity with reliable and consistent results needs a high degree of design precision and engineering application of the head assembly, such as Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR).

In order to detect and create these “digital” magnetic patterns in high capacity hard disk drive products means that the read write head assembly must fly above the surface of the platter recording material at tolerances of 1 – 2, nano-meters. At such fine clearances in normal operation the read write head sliders will inevitably come into contact with the rotating hard disk drive platters. To ensure these head/platter collisions do not adversely affect the reliable operation of the hard disk drive, platters are coated with a fixed lubricant material.

Environmental conditions combined with human interferences in normal operation impact adversely on hard disk drive failure rates. It is estimated that as high as 70% of overall hard disk drive failures are attributable to HDD head assembly low-clearance operation. The clearance between head slider and platter surface is a major factor that influences hard disk drive reliability. Insufficient clearance between surfaces results in an increased probability of head- platter collision and eventual failure due to the modulation of the pick-up output or head degradation. The lubricant on the platter surface used to reduce adhesion / friction between slider and disk also introduces the probability of contamination of the slider assembly that influences head degradation that may precipitate failure conditions.

Faulty Hard Disk Head Assembly Symptoms

Symptoms that accompany the failure of hard disk head assembly failure are hard dive not recognized in the BIOS and the hard disk drive making sharp clicking noises.

Faulty Hard Disk Head Assembly Data Recovery

Recovering data from the hard disk drive needs :

  • Compatible Read Write Heads.
  • Specialist Tools
  • Trained Technicians.
  • Clean air ESD compliant environment.

Once dis-assembly/reassembly work is completed the hard disk drive must have other functional control data attributes restored such that the hard drive can read the raw data as written to the disk drives platters in what is called data sectors.

Hard Disk Drive Head Assembly

Hard Disk Head Assembly

Hard Disk Drive Construction

hard disk drive construction


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