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Technical Information Page

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Hard Drive Manufacturers

Datlabs has the facility, technology and technical capability of recovering data from all failed and faulty makes and models of hard drive. Here you will find information concerning the hard drive manufacturing industry sector.

Western Digital Hard Drives.

Western Digital Corporation is the world’s largest hard disk drive manufacturer of desktop (3.5” format) and laptop (2.5”) disk drives. WD merged with Hitachi  in 2012, resulting in a combined distribution unit volume of  over billion a year. WDC products are supplied to systems manufacturers and resellers world wide.  If you have a failed Western Digital hard drive   find out more about Datlabs Western Digital Data Recovery Services.


G-Technology products are made for Macintosh, they are owned by WDC and produce Multi Disk drive RAID configured products. Find out more about Datlabs Mac Data Recovery Service.


Western Digital acquired Hitachi for $3.9 billion dollars and 25 million shares of Western Digital stock.

Seagate Hard Drives 

Seagate Technology Inc. is the world’s second largest manufacturer by volume Founded  in 1979.  Seagate recently acquired LaCie and also completed its acquisition of Samsung’s hard drive manufacturing division. Find out more about Datlabs Seagate Data Recovery Services.


In 2011 Seagate acquired Samsung hard drive division.

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Toshiba Hard Hard Drives

Toshiba is relatively smaller manufacturer by volume than Seagate or Western Digital  whose main capability is with smaller format hard drives and storage devices such as Solid State Hard Drives.  Fujitsu transferred ownership of their hard drives to Toshiba back in 1999.

Fujitsu Hard Drives and RAID Servers

Fujitsu transferred ownership of their hard drive manufacturing capability to Toshiba in 1999.


Seagate acquired Maxtor in 2006 and is a legacy brand of  Seagate Technology.


Quantum was purchased by Maxtor back in 2000.


EMC purchased Iomega.

Comparative Reliability

BackBlaze  a data storage service provider, has undertaken a hard drive reliability study. They used an equal amount of drives from the top 3 manufacturers Hitachi, Seagate, and Western Digital and tested them in their environment.  You can find reference to the study here.