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Typical Fault Conditions.

Common hard drive fault conditions:

  • Logical Failure (corrupt file system data),
  • Electronic Failure (PCB + connector damage),
  • Firmware Failure (corrupt drive operating code),
  • Media Degradation (magnetic platter surface damage)
  • Mechanical Failure (moving part component failure )
  • Connector  and HDA Damage

Typical Hard Drive Data Loss Situations.

  • Water and Liquid Damage.
  • Dropped and knocks resulting in physical damage
  • Clicking, buzzing or unusual noises
  • Data corruption
  • User Error, failed updates and back-ups.
  • Deleted files
  • Reformatting

In most cases the device will not be recognized by the BIOS and the computer will show a black screen making a detailed technical diagnosis difficult to undertake without specialist data recovery facilities, tools, test gear and expertise. Particularly evident with faulty Solid State Drive (SSD) that typically exhibit storage chip or on-board power component failure.

We retain in-stock replacement parts for the majority of current world manufactures shown above and many  legacy and branded hard disk drives such as  Quantum, Conor and many more.

Click here to find detailed information regarding hard disk drive fault symptoms.

Tips to help in data loss situations

Power off

Turn off your computer or storage device to minimise further damage. If the drive continues to operate, you may risk further physical damage to the drive or overwriting of your missing files.

Water damage

Contamination and damage to hard drive recording media and electronics is exacerbated during a normal drying cycle. Please contact Datlabs help line..

Strange noises

Hard Drive clicking , buzzing or grinding noises are generally associated with damaged or jammed read write heads. Continued attempts to boot the device often results in permanent damage to components, recording media or data files and folders. Our best advice is power down the device and contact our line..

Hard Disk Drive Mechanical Faults.

Second only too media issues, we see an inordinate number of hard disk drives whose moving parts have failed, often in portable devices such as laptops and external hard drives where they at an increased risk of a knock or fall. Hard disk drive moving parts will exhibit signs of wear and tear over their extended life leading to problems such as an increased number of reported bad sectors (bad sector count) and SMART error reports.

A typical symptom of a hard disk drive with faulty mechanical parts is unusual noises during power-up and operation. If you hear clicking, beeping, grinding or buzzing we encourage you to power off the device immediately to prevent further damage occurring.

If you hear such a noise our staff are on hand to help and if required discuss your needs for data recovery, we have a fully equipped clean room to deal with all hard disk drive mechanical faults and can in the majority cases replace faulty components , restore operation and recover the data stored on the recording media.

Hard Disk Drive Corrupt Firmware.

Hard drives with corrupt or deleted firmware require specialist diagnostic test equipment to diagnose and remedy the problems.

The hard drive firmware is the operating code or as we like to call it the drives own operating system, which controls the actual hard drive operation. From time to time this firmware can become corrupted, damaged or become inaccessible and access to data on the drive will be lost.

Symptoms of a firmware failure vary, however if your drive sounds as it should and isn’t recognized in BIOS then it may just be suffering from a firmware failure. Is your device is recognized in BIOS with an unusual capacity or incorrect drive label then this is an indication that the hard drive firmware is faulty or corrupt.

Updating, repairing and correcting faulty hard drive firmware requires that you have access to the hard drive interface at machine code level using specialist equipment. Here at Datlabs we have all the tools and experience needed to overcome firmware failure and recover inaccessible data.

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