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Datlabs Hitachi Data Recovery labs and workshops recover data from all makes and models of faulty Hitachi Hard Drives.  Data Recovery from  Ultrastar, Laptop Travelstar models and CCTV Cinemastar models.  Hitachi thin format hard disk drive repair, rebuild and  data recovery is a speciality.

Hitachi hard drive manufacture and design division is a relatively recent acquisition of the Western Digital Corporation. The Hitachi division has an exceptional reputation for quality products and as a leading developer of hard disk drive technology. Hitachi has produced many Hard Drive Design innovations and has been the early adopter of recording technology advancements such as Fluid Dynamic Bearings, Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR). Thermal Fly Height Control, Load Unload technology and the development and manufacture of Helium filled enterprise class hard disk drive products.

Hitachi Hard Drive Fluid Dynamic Bearings.

Most modern hard disk drives now employ Fluid Dynamic Bearing spindle motor technology. Essentially ball bearings used in the spindle motor (the bit that makes the platters rotate) are now replaced by a light lubricating fluid. In operation this type of bearing produces  less vibration, less noise,  consumes less power and is,  all in all a more responsive, quieter and cooler motor drive solution.

Hitachi Hard Drive  Perpendicular Magnetic Recording.

Perpendicular magnetic recording makes better use of the rotating platter magnetic recording surface material in terms of the number of bits that can be written to a defined area. (Bits per square inch) The technique accomplishes a greater areal density by using specifically designed write heads over a granular cobalt-chromium platinum (CoCrPt) oxide media, achieving sharper field gradients and fewer stray fields.

Hard Disk Thermal Fly Height Control.

Hard Disk drive read write performance is greatly improved by controlling and maintaining a precise distance between the read write head slider and the surface of the rotating platters. Hitachi has patented specific control and head design that achieves improved operational integrity and efficiency of the drive technology This patented technology is called Thermal Fly Height Control.

Hard Disk Load and Unload Ramp Technology.

Hitachi pioneered the use of load and unload hard disk drive technology. Prior to the introduction of this technology hard drive read write head sliders parked on the surface of the platters. This Contact Start Stop (CSS) method adversely affected the operational life cycle of hard disk drives and their reliability and notably contributed to a common hard drive failure condition called stiction. Stiction being the result of two polished surfaces coming into contact and sticking together. The effects of hard drive failure due to this condition can be difficult to remove. Load and unload technology is effectively the introduction of a read write head parking ramp securing the heads away from the surface of the platters when not in use.

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