how much does data recovery cost

How Much Does Data Recovery Cost ?

Data Recovery Cost

A lot more than you might expect !

Datlabs quote fixed prices, unlike other DR companies who tend to prevaricate over price and the services they offer.  Here at Datlabs our customer services team will on request provide a comprehensive formal written fixed price email proposal detailing a range of product types and service options. You can find more general information regarding our charges by clicking on the Piggy Bank logo through to our FAQ’s page.  As a potential Customer of Datlabs data recovery services you can also make a secure on-line  Call – Back request, Use our Chat facility or Call our help line:  0800 008 6638 to get immediate help and assistance with your data loss situation.  Here at Datlabs ” we  say what we do and do what we say” Are these costs the whole  story and  do they reflect the true nature of the costs you may well eventually pay ?

What might be the true cost of  using a Data Recovery Service?

The true cost of  employing a less than competent or unprofessional data recovery practitioner,  losing your data  or  finding that your data is in the wrong hands   can be catastrophic.  Our advice is to shop around , ask questions and get to know the data recovery providers  capabilities, set-up, security regime, integrity and history before handing over your vital data. Deal with the situation as though your life  depended on it and before you proceed, ask yourself the key question “would you hand over your data to a complete stranger ? ” Proceed with caution !

The role of the I.C.O.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, all organisations that process personal information must register with the I.C.O., failure to register with the I.C. O., is against the law.  The I.C.O., code of practice outlines how companies must explain to their customers how their information is being used and processed.

The Information Commissioners Office (I.C.O. ) and  current General Data Protection Regulations (G.D.P.R) recognize that  those dealing with  and processing personal data MUST comply with an adequate code of practice.  Employing trained and competent staff using procedures and facilities that comply with  general standards of safety and security.

Datlabs  I.C.O  Data Protection Register,  Registration Number:  Z1209280

What info does your hard drive,  phone,  laptop, ipad,  notebook or storage device hold?

In most cases our customers are aware of  specific items such as pics, emails, accounts etc.,  whose immediate loss is the prima facie case for their  enquiry.  Their  total data loss liability however is not generally understood or appreciated.    Bank,  credit and debit card details, personal data, passwords, personal emails, internet search history etc are taken for granted. Simple techniques can expose your personal affairs to risk and abuse.

Obligations to your clients.

Business clients  and those working in a professional capacity such as health sector workers, teachers, legal, public sector organisations et al need to be  aware of their own legal obligations to their clients. Risky assignations with the local PC repair shop or an “on the cheap ” data recovery service provider can fall foul of  the regulator and be truly catastrophic. Search engine results will generally not provide you with this vital information so be diligent and be sure to check out who you intend to engage in attempting to recover your data.

Some Idea about what is involved :-


  • YesTechnical Help Desk

    YesFree Courier Collect

    YesNext Day Diagnosis

    YesFixed Prices

    YesNo Data No Fee

    YesRecovered Data File Listings

    YesSecure On-Line Payment

    YesYour Data Xfered to a New Hard Drive

    YesData Encryption Service

    YesData Retained Securely 14 days

    YesEquipment Recycling Scheme


  • YesImmediate Technical Support

    YesImmediate Fixed Price Quotation

    YesDedicated 24 x 7 CRASH Team

    YesExpress Courier

    YesDiagnosis Report and Timescales.

    YesFile Listings and Data Validation

    Yes Data Returned on New Media.

    YesData Stored securely for 14 Days

    YesAfter Service Support

    YesInsurance Claim Reports

    YesEquipment Recycling Scheme

Mobile Phone.

Mobile Phone Recovery

Hard Drive.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

RAID Server.

RAID Data Recovery

CCTV Recovery.

CCTV Evidence Data Recovery

NAS Recovery.

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