Case Study: iPhone Repair and Data Recovery

iPhone Repair and Data Recovery.

iOS version: 3.1.3
IMEI: 011364000333499
ECID: 00000147F80E832F
Board: m68ap
iBoot firmware version: iBoot-636.66.33
Chip ID: 8900

A Jailbroken iPhone 1st Generation from customer who reported the device was updated to IOS 3.1.3. After the update they reported that all of their contacts and photos had gone.

With the Datlabs Analyzer and adapters, the device entered DFU mode successfully and a full physical extraction (sector-by-sector or bit-by-bit) of the device was achieved.

The extraction was successfully completed and all the data from the phone’s memory chip stored and tested. This included data from the un-allocated storage areas of the iPhone memory space (deleted data items or unused space). Unfortunately, large areas of storage had been overwritten by the upgrade and was as a consequence unrecoverable. Click on the Link to find more information about Datlabs mobile phone data recovery service.