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iPhone Data Recovery Service

Datlabs provide a professional iPhone Data Recovery Service. Your pics, files folders, contacts and texts can be recovered and returned to you on a memory stick ready to be restored.


iPhone Fault Type.

  • Water Damage
  • Deleted Files
  • Failed Upgrade
  • Damaged / Faulty Screen
  • Damaged Connectors
  • Not Charging
  • Dead Devices

iPhone Recovery Service.

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IPhone IOS Data Recovery

Similar to the Android Mobile device operating system, Apple have a propriety operating system exclusively for all their apple iPhones and Apple touch screen devices such as iPads. This is called the ios and shares the same framework as the Apple OSX such that devices can inter-work seamlessly.

IPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

“I was restoring my iPhone and it said “wait a few seconds” the Apple logo appeared on my phone and it’s stuck” This a common complaint from our Apple customers.

There are a couple of things to try:

Press the hold (top) + home (bottom) buttons for about 8-12 seconds.

Do a restore through iTunes ONLY if you have a viable back up of your data, everything will come back to the phone.

However this generally indicates  a possible hardware problem and if you do not have a back-up and need the data stored on the iPhone then seek professional advice directly by calling our assistance line.

IPhone will not turn on

If your Apple iPhone wont turn on then try the following:

Hold the power and home/circle buttons for 10 seconds to perform a Hard Reset. If that doesn’t work then connect your phone to a computer with iTunes (where you back up your data). then hold the power button for 10 seconds, then let go. …

No success and need your data;  then almost certainly you have a faulty device and will need to talk to our help line.

iPhone stuck in recovery mode (DFU Mode)

This common problem can be due to the following:

  • iPhone unintentionally in recovery mode.
  • Jailbreak attempt gone wrong or iPhone lost power during update.
  • iOS update gone wrong such as insufficient storage.

A factory reset without back ups is not recommended, if you value your data and need a professional service then contact our help line. .

Horizontal grey lines on iPhone screen

If your iPhone is suffering from this fault you may have an electronics fault or a faulty screen. The symptoms are usually a consequence of the phone being dropped or knocked or some such trauma. This usually adversely affects the touch functionality of the screen and makes logon impractical with repeated attempts leaving the phone locked and unable access iTunes to perform a backup or recovery.

Red Screen

A red screen generally indicates that the iPhone has a hardware fault and or is water damaged. If you need us to rescue your data we strongly advise that you engage our services as soon as is practicable. Datlabs techs will decontaminate the phone using specialist ultrasonic cleaning equipment and attempt to retrieve your pics, contacts , files and folders etc.

IPhone Dead

This problem can have many root causes including something simple as the on/off button is not working correctly, a hardware failure such as the iPhone screen is physical damaged, the battery is dead and unable to take charge or a more serious hardware failure has occurred.