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Lacie Hard Drive Faults

LaCie NAS products are a popular choice for those in the Apple Mac community. They come both as external RAID systems such as RAID 0/1 as well as single disk systems. Due to the popularity of LaCie devices, we at Datlabs have worked with many such devices and are very familiar with them. We can therefore provide an excellent LaCie Data Recovery service.

Typical faults that occur on LaCie devices are:

  • Device won’t power on
  • Disk(s) develop a mechanical fault, indicated by clicking, ticking or other unusual noise
  • The software or firmware develops a fault leading to a logical corruption of the stored volume(s).
  • RAID disk failures
  • Lost RAID configuration
  • Corruption caused by firmware upgrade

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LaCie Data Recovery

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We have a comprehensive team of experienced data recovery professionals, meaning in most cases we are able to get all clients’ vital data recovered. We use stringent procedures that enable us to determine the specific fault that your device is suffering from. This gives us the best information so we can pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the LaCie device and ascertain what needs to be done in order recover your data.

We highly recommend avoiding the use of ‘DIY’ fixes available on the Internet as the amount of misinformation and inaccuracy can (and most likely will) lead to further degradation of your data. Our LaCie NAS data recovery team are experts in reconstructing RAIDs. We are familiar with all the file systems that LaCie employ (EXT3, EXT4, XFS or HFS+).

We provide a nationwide service for data recovery on LaCie drives, to suit the needs of businesses and home users. We recognise that losing your data can be a very traumatic experience. We have a variety of service levels established to meet to match the level of urgency of client situations, these are:

  • Standard: Typically a 5 – 10 working day service.
  • Priority: The device is worked on as a high priority case within normal working hours until a recovery is achieved.
  • Emergency: Worked on 24 hours a day from the moment your system arrives with us.

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Common LaCie Devices:

  • LaCie CloudBox: Offered as a 2TB, 3TB or 4TB array. Uses RAID 0 or 1. These models include 2000345, 9000225, 9000226 and the 9000271.
  • LaCie 2big NAS: These 2 bay LaCie NAS boxes come in a 4, 6 or 8TB configuration. They are set up as a RAID 1 and have hot swappable bays. The models in this category include 2000345, 9000225, 9000226 and the 9000271.
  • LaCie 5big NAS Pro: 9000362EK, 9000363EK and 9000365EK typify models in this series, with capacities of 10 or 20TB NAS. They can be configured as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5 + Spare or a RAID 6.

  • LaCie D2 Network 2: This model comes in either 2 or 3TB configurations under the 301506 or 9000269 models. They both only support a single disk, so no RAID configuration applies.
  • LaCie 5big Network 2: These models include 2000385, 301525EK and 9000110EK, with 10 and 15TB storage sizes. RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 (or RAID 5+Spare), or a RAID 6 (hot-swappable) configurations are supported.