Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Datlabs recover data, files and folders from failed and faulty laptop hard drives. Your documents, pictures, music and emails can be rescued and returned to you on a new drive at a sensible price.

If you suspect you have lost data, do not panic! We are here to help. Our many years specialising in laptop hard drive data recovery have given us the ability to recover data from almost all types of laptop failures.

Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Work laptops and home laptops can contain priceless data such as documents or precious photographs, if you are having trouble retrieving these files or your laptop is damaged we can help.

Our experienced team can help safely recover laptop hard drive data  from damaged laptops or laptops that have system failures, no matter what has happened to your laptop to cause these problems we can help and it costs nothing to get a quote.

Please see below for information regarding specific manufacturers and what to do if you are experiencing difficulties with your device and contact us for laptop hard drive data recovery today.

Datlabs technicians can successfully recover data and files from ALL computer types Dell Latitude, Lenovo, Toshiba Satellite Pro, Hp Compaq, Apple Mac Book, Mac Book Air, Toshiba Tecra, Toshiba Portege, Sony Vaio, Dell Inspirion, Dell XPS, Samsung, ASUS,VX2. ACER etc.

Clicking Laptop Hard Disk Drives

Laptops and netbooks make up an ever increasing percentage of the number of computer devices sold each year. Due to their portability they are  susceptible to knocks, drops and liquid spillage.  These calamities can result in hard disk and other component failure and potentially lost  access to your valuable data.

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Laptop Hard Drive troubleshooting

Laptop Hard Disk Drive fault symptoms;

Frequent System Crashes or Freezing
Sometimes when a computer is suffering from logical faults it can cause system crashes or freezing whilst in operation, these faults are readily overcome in a data recovery lab and in most circumstances a full recovery is possible. If your system is suffering from a fault of this nature then please follow the instructions on the ‘What should I do section’

Gradual Slowing Of The System
Gradual slowing of the system in relation to normal operation such as taking longer than usual to open a program or document is often caused by a bad sector. A bad sector is a sector on a computer’s disk drive or flash memory that cannot be used due to degradation (or an OS inability to successfully access it), when a hard disk is suffering from bad sector it can take considerably longer for your system to read the data in this area and thus your system may crash or respond much slower than normal.

Strange Noises Emanating From The Hard Disk
Any noise out of the ordinary is never a good sign, in most circumstances this is a symptom that the internal mechanical components have sustained damage. A repetitive clicking noise is the most common symptom of a mechanical failure and to overcome this requires a clean room environment. A beeping noise is usually symptomatic of a fault whereby the internal mechanical ‘arm’ which contains the read/write heads has adhered to the platter surface causing the device not to operate correctly. In any circumstance where you suspect a mechanical failure please power off the hard disk and refrain from repeated attempts to power it as this will only exacerbate the problem. Please follow the instructions in the ‘What should I do’ section below.

What to do ?

Datlabs specialize in recovering data from all manufacturers of laptop hard disk drives including Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi etc. We perform data recovery on all makes and models of laptop hard disks and are experienced in extracting the hard disk from your laptop safely


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