Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

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Hard Drive, PCIe + NVMe  SSD,  mSATA .

Free Courier Collect No Data No Recovery Fee Free Evaluation Unrivaled Success Rates Express Service Available Recovery Prices Start @ £195 ex VAT

Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Datlabs recover data, files and folders from faulty laptop data storage devices.  Hard Drive, PCIe, NVMe, SSD etc.  recovered and your documents, files , folders, pictures, emails rescued  and returned to you on a new portable drive.  Our experienced technicians are on hand to help 24×7 ;   it costs nothing to get a quote, we provide a free collection from your home or business and in most cases our diagnosis is free. We recover: Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba Satellite Pro, HP,   Mac Book, Mac Book Air, Sony,  Samsung and ASUS etc.

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Personal and Business Data.

Your data in the wrong hands can have catastrophic consequences !  When dealing with your data our processes we are registered with the  Information Commissioners Office (ICO).  Your data is as important to us as it is to you.

Laptop  Failure.

Laptops and netbooks make up an ever increasing percentage of the number of computer devices sold each year. Due to their portability they are  susceptible to knocks, drops and damage.  These calamities can result in hard drive  and other component failure and potentially loss of  access to your valuable data.

Datlabs Door to Door Data Recovery Service.

  • Help Line or Get a Call Back
  • Free  Phone Assistance.
  • We send you a Firm Quotation
  • Our Courier Collects or you Drop-In
  • We Receive and Schedule Your  Case.
  • Your device or system is  Diagnosed.
  • We send a Diag Report + Costings
  • You agree to proceed or otherwise.
  • We fix faults and read your data
  • Your Data is  Xferred and validated
  • We send a list of recovered files.
  • You accept the file listing.
  • We Invoice using Payment Hub.
  • Your data is recovered and shipped.
  • <14 days your data is deleted

Standard Recovery:

  • Technical Help Line.
  • Free Courier Collect.
  • Next Day Diagnosis
  • No Data,  No Fee.
  • File List for your approval.
  • Data Returned on a New Hard Drive.
  • Data Encryption.
  • Recovered data retained for 14 days.
  • Your equipment recycled and/or disposed of.

Emergency Recovery:-

  • Immediate Technical Support.
  • Dedicated 24 x 7 CRASH Team Techs.
  • Within hours courier collect.
  • Immediate Diag report and timescales.
  • File List and data checking.
  • Data Returned on a New Hard Drive.
  • Recovered data securely retained for 14 days.
  • After Sales Support.
  • Faulty equipment secure disposal.

Laptop Hard Drive Troubleshooting

Frequent System Crashes or Freezing
Sometimes when a computer is suffering from logical faults it can cause system crashes or freezing whilst in operation, these faults are readily overcome in a data recovery lab and in most circumstances a full recovery is possible.

Gradual Slowing Of The System
Gradual slowing of the system in relation to normal operation such as taking longer than usual to open a program or document is often caused by a bad sector. A bad sector is a sector on a computer’s disk drive or flash memory that cannot be used due to degradation (or an OS inability to successfully access it), when a hard disk is suffering from bad sector it can take considerably longer for your system to read the data in this area and thus your system may crash or respond much slower than normal.

Strange Noises Emanating From The Hard Disk
Any noise out of the ordinary is never a good sign, in most circumstances this is a symptom that the internal mechanical components have sustained damage. A repetitive clicking noise is the most common symptom of a mechanical failure and to overcome this requires a clean room environment. A beeping noise is usually symptomatic of a fault whereby the internal mechanical ‘arm’ which contains the read/write heads has adhered to the platter surface causing the device not to operate correctly. In any circumstance where you suspect a mechanical failure please power off the hard disk and refrain from repeated attempts to power it as this will only exacerbate the problem.

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SSD and TRIM Control.

Factors Affecting SSD Failure.

Datlabs  Customer Services Team.

Our Customer Services department provide a friendly first point of contact offering advice and support when you need it most. They manage our busy help desk, online chat facilities, city centre offices and courier collections available throughout the UK. They are familiar with  most common Hard Drive, Mobile Phone and Laptop fault conditions but are happy to refer your problem to our dedicated data recovery technical team.

Fair Pricing and Service Policy.

Our  data recovery prices are fair and competitive with Service Level Agreements that suit most requirements.  All our work is carried out under  no surprises, fixed price estimates and we never over-charge. Call our  Customer Service and Care  Desk for details. The Datlabs  customer services team  provide  assistance during normal working hours and are also available  for out of hours (OOH)  support.

Courier Collection Service.

In most cases we are able to arrange a FREE UK courier collect service.  Your courier service will be arranged from your home or work place and you will be advised of a case reference and job tracking number.   (You can also drop  off  by appointment only at one of our regional offices.)  In all cases please pack your equipment robustly against damage in shipping and consider insuring your goods against damage and loss in transit


Professional Data Recovery Service and Facilities.

Service Expertise

Diagnosing your laptop and hard drive  system involves industry specific applications methods and procedures. We have up to the minute facilities and more importantly the most experienced and qualified team of  data recovery technicians in the industry.

Tooling and Facilities

Datlabs has specially maintained facilities that will extract data from any data storage system large or small.  We have all the precision tools and test equipment needed to rebuild any data  device such as a hard drive and storage systems.

Data Restoration

Once we have restored your  device or system to an operational state we  transfer your data to a new hard drive or memory stick,  At this point our technicians will where possible create a list of all the files retrieved and email this to you along with an invoice for our services.

Datlabs Data Recovery  Laboratories 

Our laboratories  are equipped with all the latest tools, test gear and applications designed for the data recovery  and digital forensic industry. These facilities when brought together with our qualified and experienced technicians means we can provide a best in class service to our customers.

Data Recovery Research and Development

Here at Datlabs we have participated in government funded data recovery Research and Development projects that have facilitated an exceptional knowledge and expertise in computer related digital data storage, computer systems and flash memory technology. All of which is fundamental to our  laptop Data Recovery capability that is the envy of  the industry.

Our team of highly skilled technicians rescue data from any make or model of computer hard drive, laptop or tablet.

ESD Compliant Work Area

Laptop Repair Service

Microscopic Digital Media Inspection

datlabs data recovery clean room

Datlabs Data Recovery Service Offices. 

You can take your Laptop or Notepad to any of our Datlabs Data Recovery  Offices which are open 0800 – 1700 on week days.   Call our Customer Service Desk for an  appointment and a reference number before dropping in.   With Emergency cases we attend by courier within hours and will work on your Mobile until your data is recovered. Prior to any arranged collection or drop off you will need to robustly package your Laptop / Device and insure it against loss or damage to its full value.

Datlabs London
Data Recovery Office

68 Lombard Street.
Near Bank Station
City of London.
T: 0207  293 0815

Datlabs Birmingham
Data Recovery Office

Grosvenor House,
11 St Pauls Square
B3 1RB.
T: 0121 629 0437

Datlabs Chiswick
Data Recovery Office

Bldg 3. Chiswick Park
566 Chiswick High Road.
W4 5YA.
T: 0207 111 0965

Datlabs Liverpool
Data Recovery Office

Horton House.
Exchange Flags.
L2 3PF.
T: 0151 676 0000.

Datlabs Manchester
Data Recovery Office

The Pavilions.
Bridgehall  Drive.
BL9 7NY.
T: 0161 452 3896.

Datlabs Leeds
Data Recovery Office

City West Business Park,
Gelderd Road.
LS12 6LN.
T: 0113 254 9742