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Toshiba + Western Digital are jointly the second largest NAND flash memory producer, however Toshiba by happenstance now appears destined to dispose of its interests. Parties indicating that they may get involved in an acquisition include Broadcom, Foxcom, Google and Apple; the Japanese government has also indicated that it may get involved in such matters in order  to prevent Toshiba’s NAND flash expertise and fab capacity falling into foreign hands.

Recent reports indicate that both Apple and Google are both showing serious interest in having a stake in Toshiba’s NAND flash business. With branded memory hungry smart phones, tablets and other mobile consumer products these companies see having a stake in NAND fabrication a strategic market advantage that will obviate dependence on third party suppliers such as Samsung.

The pending sale of its flash memory division begs the question “will Toshiba also want to sell it’s HDD business?” as selling its HDD unit along with the flash unit would appear to be a logical outcome, in which case Western Digital would be the obvious favored suitor.

The outcome of the Toshiba flash memory sale will be extremely important for the future of the electronics industry, particularly in respect of who retains the manufacturing and development rights to such a strategically placed asset .

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