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Lost Data Recovery.

Here at Datlabs we recover lost, inaccessible and deleted files, folders, pics and media files from Hard Disk Drives, External Hard Disk Drives, Laptops, NAS Systems, RAID Configured Servers, Data Bases, CCTV Systems, Mobile Phones , Tablets, SD Cards, USB Memory sticks and All current or legacy digital data storage devices.

Deleted Data Recovery.

Recovering deleted data from computer hard drives and external hard drives is standard procedure for our data recovery lab technicians and is for the most part one of the most successful services we offer. Providing the device has not experienced an an inordinate amount of use, has reasonable slack space and it is not eons following the deletion then our services will generally be successful. In some cases the files will exhibit without file extensions or nomenclature however these with a little patience can be reconstructed by the user.

CCTV Deleted Data.

CCTV Systems can mark important data recordings as unavailable once meta data references are outside system settings. Datlabs has specific methods and procedures that will recover data that is recognised as inaccessible by industry standard data recovery software.

Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android Deleted Data

When it comes to data recovery, the first thing to bear in mind is that there are no guarantees. Data that’s gone may very well be gone for good, especially if the device has been used since the file or files were deleted and new data has overwritten it.

However in most cases Datlabs can successfully recover deleted data provided we attend to the device without delay.

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