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Mobile Phone Forensic Services

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Mobile Phone Forensic  Services.

Datlabs provide Mobile Phone Forensic services supporting digital forensic examiners and those in the legal profession.  Forensic recovery  of data stored on mobile phones now plays a crucial role in determining outcomes in criminal and civil cases that come before a court or are matters of dispute.

Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations.

Mobile phones are not stand-alone and synchronize with other resources,  transferring data to and from places that are not obvious at the outset. When dealing with a mobile phone forensic case  we need to consider a wider framework of circumstances.  These circumstances need to be identified and recorded covering how each specific device operates and what information the device may contain, such as calendars, communications, documents, activity, history, locations and apps.

Typical Data Types our labs can make available for investigation.:

  • Text message history
  • Contacts information
  • Social media communication
  • Mobile internet browsing and search history
  • Photographs
  • Videos.
  • GPS and SatNav histories and cell-site analysis
  • Interactions with computers and other electronic devices
  • Data created by application downloads.
  • Audio Recordings.
  • Application Data.
mobile phone forensic data recovery

The processes used to gain access to data in these and other scenarios would encompass logical, physical and chip-off extractions as appropriate, using the latest equipment, application, and techniques that go way beyond traditional plug-and-play approaches.

We have invested in a state of the art mobile device examination laboratory that uses cutting edge methods for extracting data from mobile phones and tablets such as JTAG and Chip-off. These advanced methods allow us access to the data on handsets others cannot reach – For example  phones that are inoperable due to water exposure or physical damage.

Mobile Phone Forensic Repair and Recovery  may typically Involve matters of :-

  • Driving offences
  • Drug crime
  • Fraud
  • Partner Infidelity + Divorce
  • Malicious communication
  • Cyber bullying
  • Illicit Surveillance.
  • Revenge pornography

  • Video incidents
  • Child protection
  • Public Order
  • Defamation
  • Employment
  • Identity or IP theft
  • Hate crime
  • Location tracking