Mobile Phone Data Recovery Service FAQ’s :-

  • How much will this cost me ?

    We charge £95 ex VAT fee payable in advance.  In difficult cases £120 extra is charged  contingent  on success.

  • Will my phone work afterwards?

    We do not guarantee that our recovery processes will restore your phone to a working state.

  • How will my data be returned to me ?

    This depends of the amount of data recovered, however we can provide data on Dropbox, USB sticks, DVD’s and external hard drives to ensure you recieve your data as soon as possible.

  • What happens if my data cannot be recovered ?

    Unfortunately there are such cases if the device is too badly damaged or the data has been destroyed. In such a case we’ll simply ask you to cover the return shipping fee to courier your phone or tablet back to you.

  • How long will the process take ?

    Depending of the service level you choose we aim to get our standard service cases completed within 5-10 working days, however sometimes cases are completed faster, especially if they are logical recoveries.

  • Will my data be secure and confidential ?

    Absolutely, no data we recover or view will be disclosed, only our trained technicians ever interface with your data they are all under strict non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s). Datlabs is also registered with the ICO and we can also provide a personal NDA if required.

  • What about my sim card ?

    Typically we do not require the sim card from the phone, however most sim cards are used to store contacts and so may prove valuable if this is the type of data your are looking for. Please speak to our team if you are unsure.

  • Can Datlabs fix my phone ?

    Typically this isn’t our first priority and we don’t claim to be a mobile phone repair service provider, but sometimes as part of the recovery we may repair your device in order to access the data, however this may just be a short lived fix.

  • Will your service void my warranty ?

    Our JTAG and Chip-Off recoveries will void the warranty, we can upon request provide you with a report detailing our procedures. It is our experience that most manufactures accept this report as a valid reason and uphold the warranty.