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NAS  Data Recovery. 

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 NAS Data Recovery .

Datlabs are specialists in rebuilding and recovering data from faulty Network Attached Storage Systems.  Our data recovery technicians have a wealth of experience in fixing crashed RAID configured NAS systems.

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COURIER Collect throughout the UK,  ICO Certified and PCI  verified. Your data is processed in a secure facility  by qualified data recovery technicians.  Our success rates are second to none !

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NAS File System Rebuild

Our dedicated NAS Data Recovery Team  are capable of rebuilding  any level of RAID configuration such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6 and the hybrid levels of Raid 10, RAID 50, , RAID 51, etc and from any proprietary NAS configured RAID such as Drobo and Netgear XRaid, ZFS, etc.

Recovering data from a faulty or inaccessible NAS unit  requires a detailed knowledge of the file system structures and its hardware configuration.

The de-facto OS for the majority of  NAS units is Linux with file systems such as EXT3, EXT4, BTRFS, and XFS.  Many  NAS systems however use a modified version of Linux.

RAID levels vary from between manufacturers, some use proprietary RAID based systems such as Infrant’s X-RAID (Infrant are now owned by Netgear).

If you have a non-responsive NAS unit, are not IT savvi and you need access to your stored data then please don’t gamble with potentially risky maintenance actions as these can lead to complex situations and the potential loss of your important data.

Our Labs and Workshops for the  recovery of data from NAS systems is in Manchester  and we cover the whole of the UK with city center  drop in locations and a within hours courier collect servive. Call our Datlabs help line for expert assistance in restoring access to your data.

RAID System Rebuild and Recovery.

The majority of NAS units  are connected to a host network through a standard network cable and are configured using a web or other interface. NAS units are used with Windows or Mac OS systems and beneath the user available interface is a Linux, Netgear (ZFS)   SNAP, Guardian OS, or proprietary based Admin operating system that manages the network file sharing and other services required by the NAS unit. A multi disk NAS unit generally uses a regular RAID configuration in its operation and this is normally established during set-up by the user or his agent. RAID 0 RAID 1 or RAID 5 are the usual configuration candidates,  contingent on performance , security and  fault tolerance that meet the users operational imperatives.

We are industry leading experts in rebuilding and recovering data from failed RAID systems and faulty NAS systems. Our dedicated RAID recovery team specialize in in rebuilding failed RAID 5, failed RAID 6, RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 1 0. If you are a Business or Home User with a crashed or corrupt RAID, Server or NAS system then we have competitively priced service options to suite your needs.

Failed NAS Hard Drives.

NAS systems generally contain multiple hard drives in a mirror or stripe configuration. In an adequately provisioned system you can generally deal with a faulty hard disk drive by swaping-out the faulty drive then allowing the system to rebuild, after all this is what they are designed to do. Please be aware however that . “If the controller does not recognize new disks it will initialize and you may lose your data”.

Returning your Data.

The quality of the extracted data is manually checked by our data recovery technicians. Once the data has been validated we will send you an email file list for you to check. Once you are satisfied with the content we will transfer your data to an external hard disk drive or equivalent storage media ready for transport or collection.

Datlabs will retain a copy of your recovered data for up to 14 days just in case there is a problem with the data we returned to you. For your own security and peace of mind all copies of any data stored on the hard disk are securely erased.

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A Few NAS Recovery Cases.


QNAP Four WD Hard Disk Drives in  RAID-5 configuration with two failed HDD’s. Our Technicians repaired faulty  read write heads on one of the drives and undertook a bad sector recovery on the other failed drive . They then successfully imaged all the disks and recovered the customers  data.


D-Link  Four Hard Disk Drives, RAID-5 configures.  Single Hard Drive failure, system failed to rebuild. Our technicians rebuilt the file system,  recovered the data,  imaged onto an external hard drive and returned to the customer to install on new system.

Netgear Ready NAS.

Netgear Ready NAS : Two hard drives in RAID 1 config  showing bad sectors. All data recovered and returned to the customer.

Western Digital.

WD: Four hard drives configured as a RAID 5. RAID controller failure all drives OK.  Raid controller had become corrupt.  RAID config tables re-instated and data recovered overnight.


Seagate  Four hard drives in RAID 5.  Single drive failure and system had failed to rebuild.  System drives showed a lot of bad sectors    All drives were imaged and data recovered.

WD My World Book.

WD My World Book  RAID-1 mirror,  All data easily recovered.


Thecus  4 Hard drives in a RAID 0. single HDD  fail , Failed drive heads replaced and  data recovered.


LaCie:  System auto update failed leaving file system corrupt.  File system repaired , system rebuilt and data recovered .

Synology Diskstation.

Synology Diskstation  Photographer had entrusted system to friend in order to update , The update was poorly implemented and recent wedding shoot was inaccessible. We rebuild the system and recovered the data to a new external hard drive.

Datlabs Data Recovery Service Offices. 

Datlabs Data Recovery  Offices are open 0800 – 1700 on week days.   Call our Customer Service Desk for an  appointment and a reference number before dropping in.   With Emergency cases we attend within hours and will work on your equipment until your data is recovered

Datlabs London
Data Recovery Office

68 Lombard Street.
Near Bank Station
City of London.
T: 0207  293 0815

Datlabs Birmingham
Data Recovery Office

Grosvenor House
11 St Pauls Square
B3 1RB.
T: 0121 629 0437

Datlabs Chiswick
Data Recovery Office

Bldg 3. Chiswick Park
566 Chiswick High Road.
W4 5YA.
T: 0207 111 0965

Datlabs Liverpool
Data Recovery Office

Horton House.
Exchange Flags.
L2 3PF.
T: 0151 676 0000.

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Data Recovery Office

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T: 0161 452 3896.

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T: 0113 254 9742