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Datlabs Data Recovery NAS Rebuild and Recovery Services.

Datlabs  NAS Data Recovery Services will successfully repair and reconstruct  faulty RAID configured  NAS Systems such as QNAP, ReadyNAS, Thecus, drobo, Buffalo, Synology, Seagate and Western Digital.


Datlabs can be contacted via our:-

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Datlabs Data Recovery Services are available: –

Normal Service;  0800 – 1800  week days

Emergency ;         OOH   evenings + week ends.

Datlabs data recovery technicians have a wealth of experience involving data loss situations and will be able to advise on your particular NAS problem and if possible how to resolve it. Given the information you have provided they will then offer you a quotation either verbally or by email.


In most cases we are able to provide a free UK courier collect service. (there are exemptions so please clarify). Your courier service will be arranged from your home or office location and you will be advised of a job tracking number and also address and contact details.

You can also drop your equipment off at our main offices , regional drop off points or one of our Channel Partners.

In all cases please pack your equipment robustly against damage in shipping.

Please note that Datlabs bears no liability for loss of equipment or data and that all equipment and storage equipment we receive is effectively faulty or damaged so if your equipment and data has a perceived value than please consider insuring your goods and stored data against loss.

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Datlabs Data Recovery Services Overview

UK’s Leading Data Recovery Company.
Datlabs Data Recovery is a long established company with the capability to perform the most complex hard disk drive , RAID Server and Mobile Phone data recovery procedures.

Simple Data Recovery Service Levels.
Our Standard Services are normally performed within a  week to ten days , Priority Service within a three day window and Emergency Service work is attended to within hours of contact and recovered data can be available overnight or next day depending on the nature of the problem..

Data Recovery Success Rate Second to Non
Datlabs Data Recovery Industry success rates are second to non and regularly reviewed  in order to maintain this position. .

No Data No Fee  and Firm Costs.
Datlabs provide a No Data No Fee standard service offering and  a firm quotation  with no hidden extras.

Datlabs Data Recovery Friendly Customer Services
Once you have booked your job in with our customer services desk. They will keep you updated via email or text until our work is complete and payments made.

The majority of NAS units  are connected to a host network through a standard network cable and are configured using a web or other interface. NAS units are used with Windows or Mac OS systems and beneath the user available interface is a Linux, Netgear (ZFS)   SNAP, Guardian OS, or proprietary based Admin operating system that manages the network file sharing and other services required by the NAS unit. A multi disk NAS unit generally uses a regular RAID configuration in its operation and this is normally established during set-up by the user or his agent. RAID 0 RAID 1 or RAID 5 are the usual configuration candidates,  contingent on performance , security and  fault tolerance that meet the users operational imperatives.

Failed NAS Hard Drives.

NAS systems generally contain multiple hard drives in a mirror or stripe configuration. In an adequately provisioned system you can generally deal with a faulty hard disk drive by swaping-out the faulty drive then allowing the system to rebuild, after all this is what they are designed to do. Please be aware however that . “If the controller does not recognize new disks it will initialize and you may lose your data”.

Failed NAS File System Rebuild

Datlabs Data Recovery  can rebuild any level of NAS configured RAID such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6 and the hybrid levels of Raid 10, RAID 50, , RAID 51, etc and from any proprietary NAS configured RAID such as Drobo and Netgear XRaid, ZFS, etc.

Recovering data from a faulty or inaccessible NAS unit  requires a detailed knowledge of the file system structures and its hardware configuration.

The de-facto OS for the majority of  NAS units is Linux with file systems such as EXT3, EXT4, BTRFS, and XFS.  Many  NAS systems however use a modified version of Linux.

RAID levels vary from between manufacturers, some use proprietary RAID based systems such as Infrant’s X-RAID (Infrant are now owned by Netgear).

NAS Data Recovery.

If you have a non responsive NAS unit, are not IT savvi and you need access to your stored data then please don’t gamble with potentially risky maintenance actions as these can lead to complex situations and the potential loss of your important data.

Call Datlabs help line for expert assistance in restoring access to your data.

Data recovery services from Drobo  NAS units.

The Drobo file system “Beyond Raid ” is a proprietary system that  differs from other file and RAID systems.  System meta data describes the manner in which the user data is stored  and examining and re-stating the meta data  often allows inaccessible data to be recovered. There are no freely available software recovery tools that will facilitate the recovery of data from a a corrupt Drobo unit. The drobo system data structures have to be manually rebuilt and re-instated.

Data recovery services from  QNAP  NAS units.

A QNAP NAS system is a good data storage solution for both home and business. Like all digital storage solutions however they can develop faults that will frustratingly prevent access to your data. Datlabs Data Recovery Services  can however invariably  repair your QNAP System and  recover your files and folders to an alternative storage unit ready for restore.

Typical QNAP NAS failures include

  • Electrical problems– often caused by interruption to power.
  • Mechanical problems– your ip admin interface will be unable to connect to the installed hard drive(s).
  • File and Folder corruption– Corrupt OS , Malware or failing hard disk drive.
  • Bad  sectors/media–  symptoms are usually slow response times or a drive outage.

Datlabs Data Recovery service technicians will repair and recover data from all types of QNAP NAS data storage devices such as :

  • QNAP TS-121, TS-120, TS-112P and TS-112. (up to  4 TB of storage)
  • QNAP HS-210, TS-221, TS-220, TS-269L, TS-212-P, TS-212-E, TS-212. (2 disk with  EXT3, EXT4 or HFS+ file systems).
  • QNAP TS-470 Pro, TS-421, TS420, TS469L.  (upto  16 TB, of digital storage)
  • QNAP TS-569L, (upto 16TB with fail-over)
  • QNAP TS-669L. ( upto 24TB )
  • QNAP TS-870 Pro, (upto 32TB )

Data recovery services from all Buffalo LinkStation and TeraStation NAS equipment.

Buffalo units use a Linux operating system and XFS file system for data storage and are typical of the many NAS units we rebuild and recover. For completeness a list of  currently available Buffalo NAS systems and from which we are proficient in recovering inaccessible data from is shown:-

Buffalo Linkstation

  • Linkstation 200 series
  • Linkstation Pro
  • Linkstation 400 Series

Buffalo Terastation

  • Terastation 1000 Series
  • Terastation 3000 Series
  • Terastation 5000 Series
  • Terastation 5000 Series

Data recovery services from all  Netgear ReadyNas  units.

ReadyNAS is the brand name of Network Attached Storage (NAS) by Netgear,  Whilst they can be configured as a single hard disk drive unit or single volume unit the vast majority are  RAID configured.

Typical NetGear ReadyNAS units faults that our Data Recovery technical team resolve in order to recover clients data are:-

  • The ReadyNAS becomes progressively slower over time, file and folder access can often appear to hang the computer
  • A clicking / ticking / beeping noise starts being heard from the ReadyNAS hard drive when it is powered on.
  • The NetGear ReadyNAS can no longer be accessed even though it still has power
  • The ReadyNAS appears dead. No lights or sounds come from it.
  • There is data corruption of files and folders stored on the NAS.

Datlabs Data Recovery service technical team  will  successfully repair and recover lost data from many makes and models of  NetGear ReadyNAS units, both new to market units and /or legacy models typically:-

  • RN3 Series
  • RN5 Series
  • RN7 Series
  • RN31200, RN31211D, RN31212D, RN31221D, RN31221E, RN31222D, RN31222E, RN31400, RN31421D, RN31441D, RN31441E, RN31442D, RN31442E, RN31443D, RN31443E, RN31600, RN31661D, RN31661E, RN31662D, RN31662E, RN31663E, RN31664E.
  • RN51600, RN51661E, RN51662E, RN51663E, RN51664E. ( from  6, 12, 18 or 24TB. )They are intended more for businesses.
  • RN3 and RN5 series of ReadyNAS

ReadyNAS Rackmount

  • RN2 Series
  • RN3 Series
  • RN4 Series
  • RN2120, RN21241D, RN21242D, RN21241E, RN21242E, RN21243E, RN21244E .
  • RN3220, RN32261E, RN32262E, RN32263E, RN322121E, RN322122E, RN322123E, RN322124E.
  • RN4220S, RN4220X, RN422X62E, RN422X63E, RN422X64E,RN422X122, RN422X123, RN422X124

Previous Datlabs Data Recovery NAS Recovery Cases.


QNAP Four WD Hard Disk Drives in  RAID-5 configuration with two failed HDD’s. Our Technicians repaired faulty  read write heads on one of the drives and undertook a bad sector recovery on the other failed drive . They then successfully imaged all the disks and recovered the customers  data.


D-Link  Four Hard Disk Drives, RAID-5 configures.  Single Hard Drive failure, system failed to rebuild. Our technicians rebuilt the file system,  recovered the data,  imaged onto an external hard drive and returned to the customer to install on new system.

Netgear Ready NAS.

Netgear Ready NAS : Two hard drives in RAID 1 config  showing bad sectors. All data recovered and returned to the customer.

Western Digital.

WD: Four hard drives configured as a RAID 5. RAID controller failure all drives OK.  Raid controller had become corrupt.  RAID config tables re-instated and data recovered overnight.


Seagate  Four hard drives in RAID 5.  Single drive failure and system had failed to rebuild.  System drives showed a lot of bad sectors    All drives were imaged and data recovered.

WD My World Book.

WD My World Book  RAID-1 mirror,  All data easily recovered.


Thecus  4 Hard drives in a RAID 0. single HDD  fail , Failed drive heads replaced and  data recovered.


LaCie:  System auto update failed leaving file system corrupt.  File system repaired , system rebuilt and data recovered .

Synology Diskstation.

Synology Diskstation  Photographer had entrusted system to friend in order to update , The update was poorly implemented and recent wedding shoot was inaccessible. We rebuild the system and recovered the data to a new external hard drive.

NAS Rebuild and Recovery.

Technical Assistance: 0871 977 2 999