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Datlabs  Data Recovery Services.

Datlabs Data Recovery serves home and business customers throughout the UK.  You will find offices in  London City, London Chiswick,  Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Northampton and Sheffield. We also have many partner channel providers throughout the UK.

Our trained technicians and customer services personnel provide budget or emergency door to door to services. Our state of the art laboratories successfully rescue data from faulty  Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Hard Drives, Mobile Phones and tablets We also maintain a RAID Crash Team on standby ready to recover data from failed RAID configured servers and NAS systems. Our data recovery service portfolio includes multiplexed CCTV Surveillance Systems and also faulty  Mobile Phones.

If you have lost access to important information from any digital data storage device then we have the capability to deal with it.  Datlabs service center  and workshops are open normal week day hours and we have on-call technical support staff during out of hours.

Datlabs Data Recovery  invests in customer service support infrastructure, advanced workshop facilities and in qualified and trained personnel in order to maintain our position as an  industry leading data recovery service provider.

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The commercially accepted term “data recovery” refers to the process of  retrieving stored yet inaccessible data from faulty computer systems, communications equipment and data storage devices such as hard disk drives, servers and mobile phones. The data recovery process generally involves restoring functionality to the failed device and/or system by implementing a temporary repair. Once the device or system is operational then the blocks of stored data are read and   transferred to a stable and secure offline data storage facility.

Futher work is carried out to verify and restore data structures and integrity. Finally the data is tested using native application software, a fee is paid for the service and the data is returned to its owner. Click here to  find  answers to common data recovery questions.

Our Hard Disk Drive Recovery Service In Summary:

  • Your failed hard drive is diagnosed,  faulty components replaced. Corrupt firmware remedied and your disk drive repaired.
  • Your repaired hard disk drive is read and its data copied to another disk, preserving the state of the data.
  • Your retrieved data is checked and file listings created for your inspection and acceptance.
  • Your retrieved data is then copied to new media and returned to you.

Datlabs employ stringent quality control processes. Our lab technicians are qualified to handle all types of data recoveries, from more simple logical recoveries to complex physical recoveries. We maintain an extensive inventory of parts so that we can quickly and properly reconstruct disk drives when necessary, and we maintain clean room environments to ensure your data is properly protected throughout the recovery process.

Datlabs publish articles concerning data recovery services technology and other information relating to  data recovery. you can browse these here on our data recovery articles section 

Here at Datlabs we have participated in government funded data recovery R&D projects that have facilitated an exceptional knowledge and expertise in computer hard disk drive digital storage, multi disk (RAID) computer systems and flash memory technology. All of which is fundamental to the reverse engineering (temporary repair) of faulty hard drives, digital storage media, mobile phone, computer systems and software, essential to maintaining our Data Recovery capabilities that are the envy of the industry.